15 Hobbies You’ll Want To Try This Spring!

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It is spring again.  A time for renewal and rebirth.  What better time is there to start a new hobby.  Hobbies are one of the corner stones of our self care.  We learn what we enjoy.  We learn what we are good at.  We learn what feels our soul.

What more could you really say about hobbies.  They fulfill us and sometimes lead us into careers that never feel as though we are working.  So without further ado, here is a list I put together of fifteen hobbies you just may want to try this spring.

Gardening.. This is a great hobby.  One of planning, creating, patience, care, persistence, and gives great reward in the end.  Not only do you grow confidence, learn life skills, build character, but also grow healthy food to enjoy as the summer months come upon us.  I find a lot of the things I need for garden here…DirectGardening.com

Interior Decorating.  With Spring upon us and a state of newness upon us from the outside world.  Redecorating your home  will make it feel new again.  Using new colors that you enjoy will give a new sense of ownership and enjoyment in your space.

Rebuilding Motorcycles.  Are you a tinkerer?  Do you like to know how things work?  Maybe this is a hobby for you.  This is a great hobby for those who give extreme attention to detail.  In the end you have a machine that you can enjoy riding all summer long.

Woodworking.  This hobby is also known as carpentry.  There are so many things that could be made and enjoyed for years to come.  This like many hobbies could also become a business.  Many men and women in my family have been captivated by this hobby.  My uncle made many things including the beautiful double bench porch swing my family enjoyed when I was a child on our many visits.

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Rock Climbing.  This is a hobby that my kids enjoy immensely.  there are indoor and outdoor facilities to learn how to rock climb with professional trainers to teach you the ropes.  Check your local area listings or your area Groupon for class deals.

Pottery. What a fun hobby.  Another of those get your hands dirty hobbies.  throwing clay in a wheel and forming it into art from a hunk of earth is a beautiful talent.  If getting your hands into the clay is not your thing, maybe painting pottery is.  There are many studios where you can so and paint lovely pieces of art, then return to collect your fired and glazed piece to cherish or gift to some one.  This hobby teaches persistence and patience.  The rewards are beautiful.

Stained Glass. Another attention to detail hobby is stained glass working.  Have you ever seen a cathedral where every window was a picture where the light shining through left colored rays on the floor?  Where the picture window it self seemed to glow with life?  From what I am told stained glass working is similar to quilting in the designing.  This is a hobby that you would want to take a class in before committing to.  Check your local Groupon for classes in your area.  I took a class with my sister a few years back.  We had a great time and my sister has talked about it ever since.

Martial Arts.  I love this sport.  Learning martial arts teaches more than just how to defend yourself.  Martial arts teaches patience, discipline, goal setting, diligence, and perseverance.  I believe many children should learn these arts.  What a great parent child class to take.

Sewing. In my opinion all people should have some basic sewing skills.  To get further instruction and learn how to make your own clothes or your own home decor.  I love sewing, when my daughter was little I would sew all of her clothes.  I loved seeing the excitement on her face when I finished each outfit.  If this is a hobby you would like to try, hop on over to Bluprint for some Online Sewing Classes!

Photography. Taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, architecture, or people.  There are so many things to photograph.  If you would like to learn all about how to get the most out of the the settings for your photos you take, there is a Super bundle at  Ultimate Bundles that can teach you how to take extraordinary photos.

Cooking. This is another hobby that I feel that everyone should know the basics of.  Cooking is such a creative hobby which is in a way a necessity.  The colors, flavors, textures, and the aromas can be so alluring and satisfying.  Personally I love cooking, to me it is like art you can eat.  I love Gordon Ramsay and I used part of this FREE Ultimate Cooking Course to teach my kids how to cook.

Hand lettering or Calligraphy.  Hand lettering has become popular.  It is a form of faux calligraphy, writing in different fonts to make artistic cards, or signs.  This hobby takes patience and flare.  In the end what you have created will be works of art.

Pay off debt. Budget like a boss. Reach your financial goals.

Learn to play an instrument.  Music has charms that soothes the savage beast. ~William Congreve.  If you have ever played an instrument, you  would know this to be true.  Getting lost in the melody and harmony are bound to happen and soothes the soul to have such a creative outlet.

Affirmations.  Speaking life and growth into your life should be a hobby we all partake in.  Replacing all our negative thoughts with positive affirmations of ourselves boost our self confidence, self love, and self respect.  I listen to a lot of Hay House broadcasts that help with this, you can listen to Hay House Radio also.

Volunteering.  Do you have some time to spare?  How about spending some time at the local soup kitchen or senior center.  Do you like teaching children, how about volunteering at the library, or the YMCA.  Maybe animals are more your thing, they always need help at the animal shelters feeding, walking and loving on the animals.

Hobbies are so very important and feed our souls.  Hobbies really are the center of our self care.  Whatever you choose from this list whether it be gardening, Rock climbing, or walking dogs at the local shelter, I hope it brings you joy.

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