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Hey There!  I’m Tamie!  I was born and raised in Southern California, Orange County to be more precise.  I now live in rural Middle Tennessee.  I have four amazing children and numerous pets out on the homestead.  I am an HR Administrator at AdvaPay Systems.  I am currently working toward my Wellness Life Coach Certification.

Coming out of an extremely emotionally and psychologically abusive marriage.  I found myself feeling like a failure although I was the only one trying to build my marriage.  I felt defeated and broken.  It was hard to process the emotions that I felt.

There are days when I feel like I have come so far in my healing.  Then days where I feel like I have just started.  Maybe some of you can understand that place I was in.  Our divorce took 7 years to complete.  In the last 3 years he moved back to California and I went no contact.  I feel this is when the major healing began to happen.

I started Relate Technologies as an outlet.  After learning that I matter and I am important, not just to my children but to myself, I had decided to help my fellow humans learn that you matter.  I aim to provide tips and resources that would help inspire you and teach you how to care for yourself.  That the most important relationship you will ever have in your entire life will be with yourself.

Using the direct method of speaking your primary and secondary love languages saves a lot of time and guesswork for self care to rebuild your relationship with yourself.  Developing your relationship with your higher power (I’m a firm believer in God although I accept that my followers believe differently than I do) also builds onto the relationship you have with yourself.  Hoe to use routines and set organizational habits to not only free up time for you to do the things you enjoy, but to also keep you moving in the direction to make your life as fulfilling as possible. Lastly using different methods of behavioral therapy to change your thinking patterns and how you interact with yourself to boost confidence, self esteem, and knock out that pesky inner critic for good.

Why do I do this?  It makes me happy to see others succeed in life and to know that I helped someone find their inner person and embrace them.  Not that I want to make everyone happy, that’s not possible.  But if I can help you on the road to creating your own happiness, it’s all worth it to me.

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