Relate Technologies came about when I had gone through the hardest part of my life.  My life was flipped upside down due to my emotional response to the end of my 20+ year relationship with my husband.

After learning that I matter and I am important, not just to my children but to myself, I had decided to help my fellow humans learn that you matter.  I hope to provide tips and resources that would help inspire you and teach you how to care for yourself.  That the most important relationship you will ever have in your entire life will be with yourself.

Using the direct method of speaking your primary and secondary love languages saves a lot of time and guesswork.  I “speak” all 5 love languages but respond well to 3 of them.  I also aim to include many more things that I have and continue to learn of this journey we call life .  I hope that you find some new and creative ideas here to add to your self care routine.  Oh and if you don’t have a self care routine, I’ll help you with that too.

See you soon,