Getting your Hands Dirty

Have you ever noticed how satisfying getting your hands dirty is?  I mean working a task that gets you just filthy.  Something where you are elbows deep in grease, manure, earth, paint, sawdust and sweat just glued to you.

I think we like messy hobbies because as kids we learned that messy equals fun and sometimes forbidden, like playing in the mud after a good rain.  We were able to live in the moment and let go.  We were able to immerse into that place of reckless abandon.  There were no judgments, no rules, no criticism, no time restraints, no worries, or pain.  We were just there in that moment.

As adults these hobbies take us back to that space and time of being in the moment, that freedom of our own space and time.  These hobbies are our natural mindful meditation without the formality.  We focus on the ONE thing we are doing instead of the 20 things at once we are used to.

Gardening is my messy hobby of choice.  I feel absolutely satisfied to be covered to my elbows in earth.  I believe this is my mindful meditation.  This is the way my soul chooses to ground out all the negative energy in and around me.

I am rewarded for months for my hard “work” or should I say care.  I have food to eat, beautiful flowers to see and smell, and have strengthened my mind and body.  I cannot think of another hobby that satisfies me to the core of my being like gardening.

If you don’t have a messy hobby, you really need one.  There are so many to choose from.  There are painting, stained glass working, ceramics, sculpting, cooking, candle making, wood working, hiking, worm farming, fishing, hunting, and on and on…

Oh what focused soul enrichment you will find.  Go out and find your messy hobby today.




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