Store Launch

Hello All!

February 2021 Update:  After careful consideration, I have decided to close the Relate Technologies Shopify store.   I am now in the process of removing the links from the themes and posts on this site.  I will also be removing the Shopify pins from Pinterest.  I have however decided to keep the Relate Technologies Amazon Storefront.

There are plans in the works to incorporate a store into the Relate Technologies brand.  Until then…

Don’t forget to check out our Amazon Storefront to see the great self care products that we recommend.  I love you guys!  Thank you!


Original Post –

We are excited to announce that we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring to you our store.  Click Here! 

We hope that you enjoy browsing as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.  We will be adding more merchandise on a regular basis to broaden the selection.  We hope that you find something that correlates to your self care love language needs.

Happy Shopping!


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