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Are you having a stressful day?  They happen to everyone, even to that girl that seems to have an endless supply of cheer in her pocket.  Or the guy who seems to let all things roll off his back.  Don’t we all wish we could be like them?  Maybe you can be…

I have found the quickest way for me to reset or reboot my mood is to use my five senses.  I know this sounds different but it works… well at least it does for me.  Give it a try and see if it works for you too.

Many times I try to indulge in things that will use multiple senses. For instance, I have fragrant brightly colored flowers growing in my flower beds outside my home. As I walk past the colors delight my vision and their fragrance tantalize my nose.  When I go outside for a breath of fresh air, the fragrance  enhances my calm.

Other times I’ll brew a cup of herbal tea. The warm cup in my hands offers comfort to my sense of touch, the uplifting aroma is exciting to my sense of smell. And when I drink it, I get to taste something sweet, spicy, bold, or fruity. Many times this is my choice because many senses are used.

Sense of Smell.
Scented candles
Essential Oils
The crockpot cooking dinner
Fresh Laundry
Fresh Air

Sense of Taste
Hard Candy
A hot or cold drink
Chewing gum
Brushing your teeth
Eat a piece of fruit
Breath spray

Sense of Sight
Silly Family Photos
Funny animal videos
Brightly colored decor
Floral Arrangements
Go Outside
Keep motivational quotes decor to read.

Sense of Touch
Hand Massage
Foot Massage
A soft sweater or blanket
Petting an animal
Holding something warm or cold
Washing your face

Sense of Sound
Absolute silence (noise cancelling headphones)
Nature outside
Wind chimes
A Newton’s Cradle
A water feature

I find that these things bring me back to the moment.  To that feeling of “it’s okay, let’s start again.”  Sometimes I have to reboot a couple or twelve times in a day.  Coming back to myself each time has helped me to develop more patience and to trust that I can manage my emotions.  Please let us know how this works for you.


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