The 7 Types of Self Care

Did you know that there are seven types of self care and sometimes they aren’t what we think?  Some of the self care we participate in is considered “boring” self care.  Self care that we we don’t enjoy doing but enjoy the outcome.  (that could be an entire series).  I do touch on these briefly when I talk about self care for the 5 love languages, you can read that post here Love Yourself (batteries not required)

I think some believe that self care is just the pampering side or the full stop when some part of our bodies has had enough of our fast forward lives.  Self care needs to be a constant ongoing practice like caring for our children and pets.  Let me explain, we have pets who need to be touched, fed and watered, taken out for walks, played with, training, their areas need cleaned as do they.  We happily oblige when it comes to those we care about but put our own care last.  Maybe it’s time to prioritize yourself higher on your list of importance.  Are you taking care of your needs in these seven areas?

Physical Care – Taking care of your body.  This includes diet, exercise, massage, doctor visits, resting, hydration, hygiene, and grooming.

Emotional Care – Taking care of how you feel.  This includes learning new ways to regulate and process emotions, therapy, Art, Journaling, Affirmations, behavioral therapies, Music, and anything that can change your emotional focus and mindset.

Spiritual Care – Taking care of your soul.  This includes participating in your beliefs, reading, learning, meditation, growing in your faith.

Intellectual Care – Taking care of your brain.  This includes having a job, learning new marketable skills, engaging in hobbies that require problem solving skills.

Social Care – Taking care of friendships.  This including going out with friends either one on one or in groups, or putting yourself out in places to form new friendships.

Relational Care – Taking care of your relationships with your family.  This includes parents, siblings, children, cousins, significant other, and yourself.

Safety and Security Care – Taking care of your life stability.  This includes managing your finances, home maintenance, vehicle maintenance, learning self defense techniques, and possibly herbalist training.

If you aren’t taking care of yourself in all of these areas it may be time to reevaluate your self care rituals and routines.  If you don’t have a routine yet, you can learn about them in my post Hello Routine, my old Friend. 

Try adding something new to your routine or switch things up.  Maybe taking yourself on a date.  Meet a friend for a tea or a coffee.  Manage your bills so they are always taken care of.  Indulge in a hobby that really ignites your passion.  The possibilities are endless.



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