Hello Routine, my old Friend.

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Before the break of day I shuffle to the coffee maker for the magic potion that wakes this tired woman from a zombie like state.  Popping in my  earbuds , turning on my morning YouTube playlist, and sipping on my first cup of coffee, life starts to return to my body.  My morning routine has begun.

I have found that having a morning routine sets my mind and my heart in the right place to have a fantastic day.  I briefly touched on the topic of routines in my previous post Building the new .   There we learned about changing one thing we do daily to begin to build a routine.  I have found that like a child craving stability, many adults still crave this stability of routine.  If I don’t complete my morning routine before I start the rest of the day I get cranky like a toddler who missed her nap.

When I first began my morning routine, it consisted of coffee and a beach sound track I found on Amazon Music.  As time progressed, I have added time for journaling and Bible study, along with changing my morning playlist.   When the weather is better, I will add outdoor walking back to my morning routine. Working up a routine like I’ve said before only needs one habit to start it.  I recommend adding to your routine after two weeks of solid habit forming.  Later you may even want to change your routines for the different times of the year.   For example this is what my typical Summer routine looks like.

Wake up/Coffee
Beach Sounds
Bible Study
Walking outside
Get Ready for the day (shower, dress, makeup, hair)

My Summer routine is my favorite, I love being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  It helps to make a routine for yourself that you will love to do.  Mix in those things that you should do and after a while you won’t dread those things so much.  Then if you miss a couple days, you will really long to be back in the swing of the routine.

I even have routines for specific days of the week.  I have a day of the week where I take myself out for breakfast.  One of my children used to have a reoccurring appointment every Saturday for three hours, so during that wait time, I would go to breakfast and read a book.  I would even go get my haircut or my eyebrows done on some of those Saturdays.  I used to call this my “Saturday Rituals”  Making the time to do the things that build you up are so very important.

Having a Routine or set ritual no matter what time of day, helps your mind to recenter, eases anxiety, builds confidence, and helps you feel loved by the most important person in your life… you.

What are some of the things you do on a daily or weekly basis that have become routine?  How have these things changed the way you handle your day?

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