5 Hobbies to Try This Fall

There are so many hobbies to try in each season of the year.  Autumn is no exception.  Here in the southern U.S. we have very wild weather teetering from below freezing to summer heat wave.  All the while the leaves are changing and falling during these hot and cold flashes.

What better time to start something new to add to your hobby repertoire than a new season.  These hobbies would give your mind something to do on those cold and rainy days, while the last one would get you outside to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Finding new hobbies keeps us excited about our self care.  Sometimes hobbies get us through the season or make the next.  Sometimes it really is our Hobbies that save Us., as I have written about in this post

Photography: Whether digital or film, photography is a great form of art.  Capturing a still picture of nature’s beauty.  The splendor of colors that autumn brings is tantalizing to the eyes.  This hobby can be indulged during any season of the year. if you decide to make this hobby more permanently.

Learn a New Language: Languages strike the ear differently to many.  I am a huge fan of Latin based languages.  Have you ever watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and thought ‘wow, Swedish is beautiful.’  or maybe a french film where even the naughty words sound like silk.  Learning a new language may spur you to travel (another hobby) to the country where that language is prominent.

Hiking: Now is a great time to grab a light jacket and head out to those nature trails.  There are so many things to see out in nature and getting exercise while you do it is a plus.  If you have taken up photography, hiking would give you great opportunity to capture great shots.

Learn to play an instrument: Music sets the mood in all occasions.  Learning to play an instrument increases fine motor skills, and brain function.   There are many free online programs to teach you how to read music and actually learn how to play your instrument of choice.

Hiking: Hiking this time of year is beautiful and peaceful.  Make sure to wear a jacket and bring some water.  The temperature in the woods or on a mountain side can change quickly from pleasant to chilly.  If you love to watch nature this is the best way to do it.  If you live in an area where winters are mild, you could continue this hobby through winter as well.

I hope that I have encouraged you to try a new hobby today.  What are some favorite autumn hobbies you have?



  1. Definitely a great time of year to try something new. I really do want to learn Swedish! I have a friend in Sweden who speaks perfect English and one day I would love to surprise her.

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