National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day 2018!

Has your computer’s desktop gotten a little cluttered?  Today is the day to get it looking nice so you can see that wallpaper you spent so much time picking out.

I know!  It’s pretty overwhelming.  How do we clean it up?  Well, let’s take it one step at a time.

  1. Get rid of any duplicate or unused shortcut icons.
  2. Browser bookmarks should be kept in your browser on the shortcut bar.  Open them and save them to your browser bar, then place the desktop shortcut in your recycle bin.
  3. Folders are your friend.  If you have multiple files that can go together, make a folder for them and label it appropriately.
  4. Empty your Recycle bin.  It’s okay, let it all go.
  5. Re-sort your desktop, to re-organize it.

Now that we can see our desktop again, take a moment and enjoy your accomplishment.  If you would like change your desktop wallpaper to one that makes you smile to see it, you should.  I think if there is a wallpaper that makes you enjoy looking at it, you would be diligent about keeping it visible.  Making this exercise part of your monthly routine would definitely help to keep your desktop neat and tidy.  You can learn more about routines in this post Hello Routine, my old Friend.

I hope you enjoy your newly cleared off virtual desktop.  I know I will.


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