Self Care Logs

For a long time I had a hard time keeping track of my self care time.  When my therapist would ask me how much time I put into myself at our weekly appointment, I would stammer and have a hard time recalling my time that week.  In the beginning I was given the goal of 15 hours, and these were hard to keep track of.

Soon my therapist gave me a chart to log my time and it worked, but I had to tally my time in the margins and separate my days on the chart.  If I missed a couple days it was hard to remember what I did, and I felt I had to log the days in order, so that was frustrating to say the least.

As time went on, my self care time goal was increased and the chart became less efficient for me.  In the end necessity is the mother of invention.  I needed something easier that accommodated each day of the week with places for hour totals and notes.

I came up with these:

I love how these came out.  There is a box for each day of the week.  There is a place to total the hours in each daily box.  Then I place to total the weekly hours in the notes box, where you can jot down how you felt about the week or future self care plans you may have.

The colors!  I love color and had to incorporate a few different color schemes.   My therapist now is even more excited to see the brightly colored log I bring in each week, and I am happy to use them.

I have put them up in the store.  They are listed as $2 a piece or $6 for a multi-pack of all five.  These are available for immediate download in PDF format.

I hope you love these as much as i do.

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