5 Family Friendly Fall Traditions

Traditions are wonderful past times that bring families closer together.  Growing up, my family had many traditions and really would find any reason to get together.  I believe that having traditional things that bring loved ones together is a fantastic form of social self care.  Listed below are some traditions you may have or should consider starting.

Friends-giving – In the U.S. we have a tradition of Thanksgiving where we gather with our families and celebrate community and thankfulness.  Friends – giving has the same concept with a group of only friends.

Bucket Lists – My family used to do this.  We would make a list of all the fun things we would want to see or do over the season.  Then on weekends throughout the season we would go do them.

Professional Pictures – Now this could be a family picture or just you.  There are few things that make you feel more attractive than being the star of a photo shoot.

Nature – A great tradition in my household is hiking or visiting a nature trail to see the colors of the fall foliage and the animals that live there.  This is a beautiful time of year, get outside and enjoy it.

Games – When the days get shorter and the climate cooler, we like to spend time together building puzzles and playing board or card games.  Some of us have some great games that are very fun to play.  Many times we laugh so hard that our cheeks hurt for days.

Do you have any Fall traditions that you anticipate when this season begins?  Make some new traditions today, you’ll be glad you did.




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