15 Hobbies You’ll Want to Try This Winter

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Winter is a great time for relaxing and taking time to snuggle in and hibernate.  Personally I like to take winter to rest and renew from the previous year’s activities.

Participating in hobbies during this downtime helps to build the relationship we have with ourselves.  Hobbies build our confidence and self esteem.  We learn to have courage to try new things.  We learn that it is okay to not be an expert in something as we are first learning.  We learn what comes naturally to us and what really is challenge that may take us longer to master.

Winter is also a great time to learn a new hobby.  The days have become shorter and we are indoors for longer periods of time.  Some of us still like to get outside for those sparse hours of light, even in the colder weather.

Skiing/Snowboarding.  Hitting the slopes is a great way to get exercise.  The feeling of wind on your face and in your hair as you fairly levitate at high velocity down hills covered in fresh white powder  is exhilarating.  This is a hobby that can get quite addictive in the winter months.

Hiking.  I know it may be frigid out.  In some areas hiking is still possible.  Some people love to hike in the cold weather as all the under growth is dormant and pulled back.  Hiking during the colder weather does require winter gear and more water.  Keep this in mind before you get out there.

Skating.  If you are a fan of figure skating or hockey, why not lace up a pair of ice skates and give it a whirl.  If you are more a fan of roller derby and speed skating, why not lace up a pair of roller skates or roller blades.  Personally I think the wind in your hair and face is so freeing and exhilarating.

Learn a new language. Hola! Ni How! Bonjour! Have you always wanted to learn another language?  Why not now?  I have a list of languages that I wan to learn… one for my career, one for where I want to retire, one for a country I want to visit often, and one just because I think it’s beautiful.  Taking the time over winter to start to learn a new language will be rewarding.

Start a Podcast. Have you ever wondered how all these podcasts get started?  Sometimes on a whim and some times because of a passion to teach people new things.  Some make thing for pure entertainment.  Whatever you would like to be the reason of your podcast, why not do it.

Meditation. What a great use of time.  Learning to meditate is not what people think, it is not controlling the mind, but surrendering control.  The more you force your will on anything the more fiercely it will rebel.  Start with guided meditations and work up from there.  My personal favorites are on YouTube.  The Hay House channel and the Alan Watts channel.

Reading. This is a great time to get working on that To Be Read List.  I love to climb in bed a little early to read.  It’s a great way to wind down from the day and relax.  I read to my little one every night also.  He relaxes so much from hearing the stories and many times is asleep before I finish the chapter.

Yoga. What a fantastic practice.  Yoga is like meditation for the body.  The more you do it the more your body becomes strong and flexible.  My ex husband would do yoga to ease his back pain, stretching and elongating those muscles every morning helped quite a bit with his movement and flexibility.  Watch yoga classes at myBluprint.com

Soap Making.  If you are like me, when visiting any place with scented or handmade soaps, you have to read every label and smell every scent.  My most recent visit to the soaps, I thought I would have a nose bleed from smelling all the luxurious scents.

Leather working.  I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of leather.  Even more I love the way leather looks.  I remember as a child I would get the little leather craft kits where the finished product was a coin purse or a key chain.  I know someone who fashioned his armor for medieval reenactments out of many pieces of leather.  Maybe you have a nature talent for this hobby.

Beer Brewing. Have you ever though about making your own beer?  There are home brewing kits that can be purchased so you can learn to be your own beer master.  I’m sure you’ll be the hit of the party with this new skill under your belt.

Baking. Cakes, cookies, pies, bread, strudels, muffins, scones, oh my.  Baking is a great way to be creative, warm up the house, and have a sweet or savory treat.  Learning how to do something is very rewarding, but with baking you get to eat it too.

Painting.  Do you ever see famous paintings and long to be able to create such masterpieces?  How about some painted pottery that is unique and breath taking.  This is a hobby yo u can learn how to do with friends.  Check your local events calendar for Arty Parties.  They are so much fun.

Zumba What a way to work up a sweat!  Zumba will loosen those hips and make you feel sexy.  Maybe it is just me, but the Latin music and the hip sashays, it’s like the Latin version of belly dancing.  You may want to go to a class today.

Essential Oils.   This hobby has gained popularity over the years.  I suggest learning how to use essential oils properly and effectively to benefit your household.  I thoroughly enjoy the scents and the different moods in the house that I can create with essential oils and a diffuser.

There are many classes available at bluprint if you click this banner ad.  It is an affiliate link, which means I do get a small commission from whatever classes you decide to purchase, at no additional cost to you.


All of these great hobbies can be enjoyed in the winter and many year round.  The goal is to invest your time in learning new things that you can enjoy and build your relationship with yourself.

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