Get Outside!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere or near the equator, it is warm but starting to cool down out doors, maybe.  That means now is the time for all sorts of outdoor activities.  I absolutely love being outside in the warm weather.  Now is a great time to indulge in or try new outdoor hobbies.

Travel:  Whether you prefer to travel by land, air, or sea, do it!  Enjoy the weather and the out doors. Plan those vacations and getaways. Make new memories with your friends and family.  Have new experiences.

Hike: In some places the leaves are already starting to change.  In other places the plant life is at its full glory.  Spending time in nature really recharges the batteries.  Don’t forget your camera to catch nature in the act of being beautiful.

Biking: Whether you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, now is the time to get out there and enjoy the ride.    “There is nothing like the wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth.” as the saying goes.  The bug part can be prevented with protective gear.  All joking aside, riding either a manual bicycle or a motorcycle is exhilarating and with the the cooler weather and the fall colors, it could be an addictive hobby.

Boating: There is still time to get some good boating in.  The beautiful colors, the nice breeze, and the relaxed atmosphere.  If you have a boat with a motor this is another wind in your hair hobby that could become addictive.  Ferries are also great ways to relax while you get from one place to another.

State or National Parks: There are no places as beautiful as those parks and preserves that are cared for by the governments for us to enjoy.  Many times camping, hiking, and swimming are allowed.  So pack up the cooler and tent. and get going.

Outdoor hobbies are good for your mind, body, and spirit.  Breathe in the clean air.  Discover someplace new.  Take in all that this planet has to offer.

I hope that you are now motivated to get outside.  Before we are wrapping ourselves in blankets and sipping hot cocoa, get out there and make more memories that will help keep you warm over the winter months, even if it is having a picnic in the park.



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