September Goals

Hello All.  It is a new month and time again to create a goal that we wish to accomplish over the next 30 days.

My one Big goal for the month of September is Growth.

Growth is vital to taking care of yourself.  Personal growth by continually learning new things to enhance your mind, body, or spirit.  Learning something new and applying it doesn’t even have to be work but very enjoyable.  I love learning new things that make life just a little and a lot easier.  The hard part is consistently applying these new things.

These are my mini goals for blog growth:

Social media:
Twitter to 2k
Facebook to 500
Instagram to 500
Pinterest to 10k

Blog following to 300

These are my mini goals for personal growth:

Read 2 books.  (I will write posts about them.)
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
Warrior of the Light by Paolo Coehlo

Finish my CBT  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) class.  My first Life Coaching class.  Not only will this class help me professionally but it is already helping me personally.

Use affirmations in a consistent manner.  See that post here 5 Affirmations to Change Your Thinking..

I really think that these are great goals to have.  Please follow me on my journey this month through social media.  Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  I’ll be posting daily and asking questions about goals and growth this month.



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