August Goals Review

My big goal for the month of August was to take care of my physical health.  You can read that post here August Goals!  After 31 days of yummy (not always on plan) food, walking, and getting my water in, I have arrived at the end of the month still alive and a lot less sore than the beginning of the month.

There was a place somewhere just past the middle where it became exceedingly difficult to stay on plan as I am supposed to eat every three hours.  Finances were very tight  preventing me from keeping me to the three hour schedule.  At one point I thought about giving up on this whole thing due to lack of energy and down right feeling sorry for myself.

That little voice crept in to tell me how “I should just give up” and “I should have never made this public.”  “I don’t have the follow through to make these life changes.”  After a few days of this, I told the voice to Shut up!  This is just a rough spot, it isn’t the end.  I tried to make the best choices I could food wise and sometimes they were just okay choices.  I kept walking and kept getting my water in.

Just when I thought I was working on my physical health, I had to work on my mental health as well.  Getting my head back in the game.  Here we are at the end and I am now working on reducing my time for the same 2.5 mile distance.  I am not trying to be more creative with my meals and snacks, and getting in just over my gallon (128 oz) of water daily.  My clothes are looser and I have lost 3lbs.  Most importantly I feel a bit more confident because I stood up for myself to myself.

Were you able to accomplish your goals for August?







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