The Best Advice I Ever Received

Have you ever received a piece of advice that just rocked your brain?  I have.  At one time I was so angry at my situation and the person who caused it.  I thought my anger would consume me.  I was negative and would express myself to whoever would listen to me until no one wanted to listen.

I’m sure I lost some friends and definitely was held at a distance by my family.  My anger was starting to ruin my life.  I needed to find a way to express this anger without setting my world on fire and watching the flames devour everything I loved.

My anger continued to build and with no outlet I shoved it down because I was unable to express it anymore.  It turned into depression.  I have heard it now for a while that unresolved or unreleased anger turns into depression, boy were they right!  So here I was, angry, depressed, and getting bitter by the day.

So then came the advice I needed to hear:

“It’s OK to get angry about what people have done to you, but use it to propel yourself forward to change your situation.” – David Pate

This is what I took from that advice:
1. I was ALLOWED be angry (I needed to hear this)
2. This isn’t the end.
3. I can change the outcome of this situation.
4. My anger can have a positive effect.

Soon after I listened to a Jim Rohn lecture on YouTube.  Link Here  This is where the next bit came in that I needed, I already had the “what”, but this was the “how.”  Mr. Rohn said “disgust is a negative emotion that can have a positive effect.  Disgust is when you say ENOUGH.”

Near the end of the lecture he talks about a woman who became the vice president of a large company.  She didn’t have any formal education past high school.  When she was a young mother she had asked her husband for $10.  He asked her “what for?*  She decided that day, that she would never ask him again.  Every time I hear this story the water works start, why?  Because I could totally relate to this woman and the situation she started with.  She said “Enough!” and she changed her life.

That is when I decided that I have had enough and decided to use my anger to push me.   Guess what I did then… I started this blog and researched how to become a life coach.  I’m currently taking life coach and marketing courses.

What is the best advice you ever received?  How did you put it into action?



  1. This post was amazing. I can completely relate. I was a negative person till one day I decided I was done being a victim or my own circumstances and I wouldn’t create my own circumstances. Prior to this my greatest piece of advice came from my grandfather who raised me “bub, if you don’t know what to do, don’t rush to anything. Do nothing at all and it will come to you” I remember those words whenever I feel overwhelmed about any situation. The next piece of advice came from Gary Vee the Entrepeneur guy
    “The internet doesn’t care if you black,
    Gay, the internet doesn’t care of you’re a one armed transexual in a basement do you have talent?”
    And then “who cares what people say when you fail.. it’s your loss not theirs” that’s drives me. I don’t care about failin or no, or anything else but what my goal is. I have almost tunnel vision about this but that’s why because even if this all fails.. it’s my loss to heal from. That one piece of advice was a bit of a catalyst to the whatever I wanted because.. it’s mine deal it. That advice helped me to be accountable.

    Sorry to write a book here lol great post

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    • That is amazing advice. I love that! Your grandfather gave some great pearls of wisdom. A lot of the time we think we have to figure it all out at once and we become so overwhelmed by the process the we inflicted on ourselves. Taking a step back and if we really want it, we won’t be able to get it out of our minds.

      “who cares what people say when you fail… it’s your loss not theirs.” I love that. Failure is just a lesson in disguise, our lesson, no one else’s. ❤️

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  2. lol batmom has some great points in her comments, especially being done being a victim of your circumstances

    I think a lot of successful people actually became successful because they were angry and managed to channel that negative energy and transform into something productive and meaningful.

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