The Meaning of Autumn.

To me, autumn is the time to shed the old skin and to examine it.  It is done in a graceful climatic splendor of orange, red, and yellow.

As the Phoenix burns with many beautiful vibrantly colored flames licking the sky to be reduced to ashes for a the winter sleep as she regains her strength.  Then reborn in the spring with a glorious explosion of color.  Next to be at her full splendor over the summer months, to again burn in the autumn.

During this time of year I like to enjoy the closing out of another year.  It is the harvest time.  Reaping the benefits of the hard work put out this year.

Having monthly holidays now to spend time with loved ones.  A time to reflect on the year to celebrate accomplishments with family and friends.

Then to design a new strategy for the next year of growth.  Making note of what didn’t work and fine tuning the plan for the next year to get the most benefit for your hard work.

I’m so blessed to have had another year to count to my existence.




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