September Goals: Halfway Update

Well, here we are, halfway through September (already).  Where has the time gone?  From my perspective this month, well really this year is whizzing by quick as can be.  I have been working on my goals for the month.  Here is my progress so far.

These are my mini goals for blog growth:

Social media:
Twitter to 2k – actual – 1975
Facebook to 500 – actual – 216
Instagram to 500 – actual – 373
Pinterest to 10k – actual – 8225

Blog following to 300 – actual – 289

Some of these mini goals are really in line to be accomplished this month.  Being halfway I can really focus on where I need to put more effort in.  Facebook and Instagram seem to need more attention.  I have been using follow threads on both Twitter and Facebook groups.

These are my mini goals for personal growth:

Read 2 books.
The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – Started
Warrior of the Light by Paolo Coehlo – Done – Post coming soon!

Finish my CBT  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) class.  – More than Halfway finished

Use affirmations in a consistent manner.  See that post here 5 Affirmations to Change Your Thinking..  This is working amazingly well.  I have more confidence.  My anxiety and fear levels have dropped quite a bit.  I’m more lighthearted.  I even stood up for myself this week without becoming overwhelmed by the experience.  If you are also doing these affirmations, how are they helping you?

How are you doing on your goals for September?


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