Happy Siblings Day!

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April 10, 2019

Happy Sibling Day!  Do you have siblings? I have quite a few!  Pictured above are myself (I’m the shorty in the middle) and the siblings I grew up with.  Being raised in an Italian household I learned that family is everything.  You’ll turn to them in crisis and in celebration.  Siblings can be your best of friends or your worst enemies as you mature into the person you are supposed to be.

I can easily tell you that when I was younger I had a great sibling relationship with my eldest brother.  We did a lot of things together.  We had some great times and probably caused our mom to scratch her head or pull her hair out more than once.

When my sister and I were little we really didn’t get along.  But as we got older and lived life.  We have found ourselves in situations where we needed each other.  I believe that through our trials and the methods we are learning to heal ourselves they are also teaching us how to be better sisters to each other.

We all were raised differently and have different family dynamics.  Some of us had great childhoods and parents.  Some of us at worst, dysfunctional or broken families.  Then there are some of us who had down right abusive families where all trust was lost and lives changed forever due to poor decisions.  Later some of us have found friends and cousins who turned out to be just like siblings.

I know that there are some siblings that we must cut out of our lives (like those that have betrayed all trust) although it hurts to not have that relationship.  Loving ourselves requires us to have boundaries that help to protect us from those who would do us harm.

Other siblings that unintentionally hurt us with their choices and just don’t have the awareness to see past their own situation.  I know I have been there on both sides.  These are the siblings that need to still be loved, but you still need your space.

My sister friend Crystal over at Crystalline Perspectives told me something revolutionary, at least to me it was.  She said “Love people where they are.” We can love people while we are with them and not get completely wrapped up in the chaos of their lives.  I think this requires a lot of forgiveness and compassion.  This also requires healthy boundaries for you to know when it is time to say “See you later.”

I hope that your relationships with your siblings are healthy and loving.  Call or visit your siblings or close enough to be siblings today.   If you are not so close with your siblings, maybe today is the day to extend that olive branch, especially if the thing between you is just a misunderstanding.

I hope you find peace and love today.

Until next time!

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