Take A Hike Day!

November 17, 2018

Hiking is a great form of exercise and grounding in nature.  If you are able to get out and hike today, get on out there.  Enjoy the fresh air, the smells of earth, feel the sun’s warmth, and get your muscles engaging.

If you have been visiting my blog long, you know that I love hiking.  I love being out in nature and seeing new things.  I love rocks and have always been fascinated by formations and colored rocks.

Last year when camping for the Total Eclipse we went hiking to this spot called The Blue Hole near our campgrounds where we were expecting to see blue water, but the ground was covered in pieces of Lapis.  What a beautiful find.

I am fortunate enough to live near the Cumberland Plateau, where there are many hiking trails to enjoy.  Many times during the warmer months we would hike the easier trails and enjoy the swimming hole.  Watch out for crayfish.  We particularly enjoy the fiery gizzard Trail where these orange stick like mushrooms grow, giving the trail it’s name.

Another popular trail is Stone Door.  It is a fairly easy trail with magnificent vista views.

This view is from near the Trail head.  this bluff over looks a large nearly untouched valley.

img_2942 A closer look from the rock plate jutting out over the bluff.

From the foot bridges where streams bubble and move through the landscape.  The sound of water is so relaxing and refreshing.  If I ever chose a place to stop and spend time, it would be right here.

Beyond this natural stairway our prize awaits…

Hiking on new trails is a lot of fun.  New things to see and new things to accomplish.  In the end we had a great hike.  We got grounded in nature.  I again fell in love with hiking and with the many surprises that nature holds for us to discover.  Get out there and explore!


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