April Goals!

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Happy April to you!  I am so happy that it’s spring.  The land is coming back to life after the winter slumber.  The trees are blooming, the grass is becoming green again.  The baby birds are hatching out of their eggs.  The sun is shining just a little bit longer and is moving closer.

Goals are so very important.  How do you know what you want to achieve unless you think about it and then write it down.  Seeing our goals in writing helps us to visualize them and plan them out.  Next, create your plan of action.  Little steps or giant leaps to get to the goal that you wanted to achieve.  Goals are achieved by working on them daily.

Each month I sit down and think about what I want to accomplish that month.  I love pushing myself to do things that I sometimes think are hard.  I love seeing the payout or finished product of my efforts.  I’m only going to make a couple goals this month because both of them are pretty big.

Put in my Garden.  I plan to put in a rather large garden this year to be able to preserve at least half of my harvest for the winter months.  I have seeds already started for tomatoes and peas.  I planted my broccoli in October of last year and it is doing well already.  Many of the veggies I plan to grow are squash and beans so I can sow the seeds directly into the garden.

Gardening is one of my absolute favorite hobbies.  There is just something about putting your hands in soil.  depositing seeds into that soil and watching them grow into plants that give flowers and produce food for consumption.

Staying on Plan.  I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan on and off for about six years.  I have noticed when I stay even mostly on plan I see great success with how I feel, how I sleep, my energy levels, and my battle for single digit clothing sizes.    When I was strictly on plan I had lost 70 lbs and went from a size 16 pants to a size 8.

Over the last three years I have been mostly off plan.  Through depression, stress, major life changes, and having to scale back my budget a lot.  We have had a few Jesus months where there was no other explanation for being able to stretch $50 into a month’s worth of food for five people.  Many of those food choices were based on survival not on complete nutrition.

Needless to say I have gained nearly all my weight back.  It is difficult to walk long and to do anything strenuous.  I know that I have let myself get to this point.  No need to beat myself up about it, I know that a lot of it was beyond my control.  Now I can do something about it and will.

I think that these two goals go together nicely as I aim to grow much of the food to sustain the eating plan that I follow.  Throughout the summer months and beyond I hope to have plenty of produce and be able to preserve at least half of it for the winter months.

Goals are very important.  They give us a purpose, a focus.  Sometimes we make goals that can work together and sometimes we make goals that are separate from each other.  Ultimately we should strive to be our best selves.  Making and taking action to achieve our goals is the only way to make that happen.  Have you sat down yet to write out your goals for April?


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