3 Ways to Celebrate Compliment Day!

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January 24, 2019

Today is Compliment Day!  I love all these great little self care holidays.  I think we should celebrate them more.  Many are free to participate in and fill us up with joy.

Compliments come mostly in verbal and written communications.  Compliments can make a person’s day, especially someone who was previously having a bad day.  Like smiling at a stranger in the grocery store, compliments are like passing out a little bit of happiness.

How many times has a complete stranger paid you a compliment?  While standing in line at the grocery store or in passing.  Receiving compliments feels great.  I know this may sound silly, but often these compliments are validation for our choices.

These could be our choices of clothing, hair style, cosmetics, perfume, and the way we interact with others.  Sometimes we are given compliments over things we have little or no control over like bone structure or skin pigment.

There are also times when compliments are unspoken yet very loud.  These are the times when others imitate what they like about your style or character.  How many times have we seen a celebrity we like and tried to copy their style?  How many of us had a Michael Jackson glove, or dressed like Kurt Cobain?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – Charles Caleb Colton

Summer Goal Setting

Paying compliments to others is a great way to spread kindness and joy, not only does the recipient feel this happiness, but so do you.  Personally I love the anticipation of making something for someone and seeing their face when they receive it.

Write a note.  Writing a note of admiration to someone you look up to is a great way to give a compliment.  You never know if they are feeling a bit down on themselves as we all have our moments of feeling less than.  A note is a great keepsake for them to look at again and again when they need some motivation.

Twinning. Dress like one of your friends.  They will find it very flattering.  If you call them and arrange it, it would be extremely fun for the both of you.  If you don’t want to go all out and twin, wear a similar style, accessory, or fragrance.  Maybe if you see someone you interact with copy your style you would be flattered.

Say it.  I have been paid compliments that have made my entire day by total strangers.  Telling someone that you think their clothing, shoes, or hair style is flattering to them can really brighten someone’s day.  you never know if they had received some bad news or their last human encounter was terrible.  If you see someone who looks great, tell them.

However you choose to celebrate Compliment Day, I hope your words and gestures not only fill other’s hearts with joy, but also your own.   I dare you now to go forth and spread the love.

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