Self Talk: Pep Talks

Do you sometimes find yourself in a place where it is difficult to begin?  What do you do in these instances?  Do you immediately go to negative self talk?  “Why can’t you do this already?”   I know I am guilty of this.  No one can condemn me to ashes like I can.  Surely that gets us no where at lightening speed.

Instead I try to give myself pep talks.  Many times the task is to do something that is mandatory where avoiding it would bring hefty consequences.  Often this task requires driving some distance.  To be honest, I’m probably talking myself into the driving part.  Usually the pep talk goes something like this:  “Come on.  We can do this.  We have to.  Last time it wasn’t so bad.  It all turned out okay.  It is going to be okay.  Bring a book and something to do if we have to wait so it isn’t so bad.  We can blast the radio in the car the whole way and sing along.”

Once I talk myself into doing whatever it is, I then move on to talking myself through the process.  This helps me to focus on the actual steps and not the whole picture, checking the things off the proverbial list as I go along..  Looking at the whole picture can be a bit overwhelming and make the task harder to complete.  I do this similar to how one would give the steps in assembling furniture and still cheering myself on after each completed step.

Soon I will have completed the task and gained more confidence in my abilities.  I find now that the original pep talk part takes little to no time.  While I guide myself through almost everything.  I suppose this is a new character quirk that helps me. Hahaha.

How would your pep talk with yourself sound?



  1. I dont think I have pep talked myself. That or i just dont know about what im doing. Like i do it but im not aware of the fact that its a pep talk i’m doing, if that makes any sense. 🙂 Wonderful post tho 😀

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  2. I have to give myself pep talks all the time. I like how you give them at each step. So true since the whole process can be overwhelming.

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