The Four Agreements

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I know this is a new thing for me to do, but I have been reading and listening to audio books a lot lately.  I feel that I need to share my thoughts about them with my readers.  Many of the books I read have great life lessons.  In my opinion learning from others significantly adds to our wisdom.

I recently finished the book The Four Agreements.  I find this book to be chalk full of love and wisdom.  I found the information in this book made a lot of things make sense in my childhood and my early adulthood.  Applying these concepts has started to change the way I interact with others now.  The key things I learned from this book are.

1. Your word has the power to create and destroy. You can choose how you use your word, but it’s best to use it for expressing your love and gratitude.

2. Don’t take anything personally.  Remember that how others treat you is a reflection of their own insecurities.

3. Don’t make Assumptions.  Assumptions breed poison.  Assumptions are expectations and expectations set us up for disappointment in the worst way.

4. Always do your best.  At different times and days your best isn’t at the same level.  We must remember that also the more we try our best, the better it gets.

5. Have unconditional faith. We must remember that God is Love.  God is Life in action.  God is always present and the Kingdom of Heaven is everywhere.

6. Forgive yourself.  There are so many things that we continually punish ourselves for.  We need to forgive ourselves for not knowing, not seeing, and making mistakes that we have gotten a whopper of a lesson from.  We must forgive ourselves and lay it aside in order to heal.

This is just a sample of the learning inside this amazing book.  There is so much more to take in and digest.  I plan on reading it again to pick up more and more from the teaching of Don Miguel Ruiz.  If you are looking for a book that will give you the keys to your prison door, this is it.  I highly recommend The Four Agreements.



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