New Year Goals for 2019

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I love setting and crushing goals!  With a new year upon us, it is a new opportunity to make some new goals to crush.  I use the process of making goals for the year to accomplish by naming them, creating a plan where I break the larger goal down into smaller goals.  Then take actionable steps to bring these dreams into existence.

Blog Goals:

Converting to Self Hosted.  I see that there are many things that I am not able to do until going self hosted.  I feel that this will cut back on costs associated with blogging and will allow me to be able to use plug ins without spending a lot of money.

Growth.  I have not been very consistent with Relate, and I feel that this has been holding Relate back.  I know that I cannot post daily, but I can get my schedule back up to three times a week with maybe a couple bonus posts.

New Products.  I really enjoy creating new products to sell in my store or give out.  I have set a goal of creating 1 new product per week, that is 52 new products for the year.  I’m excited about this goal.

Collaborations.  I would like to participate in a collaborations this year.  I think that this would enable me to stretch out more in this amazing blogging community.  If you are interested, please shoot me an email at

Clemson Tigers 2018 CFP National Champs

Personal Goals:

Diet and Fitness.  I need to get back into the groove of my exercise and meal planning routine.  Life has gotten busy with the life situations, holidays, and new things happening. Now that I have adjusted to life again, I can really put more focus on these things.

Cut Spending.  I want to cut back on spending and design a new budget to live by.  I have a trip next year.  I also quite possibly may have a no spend month or two this year to help with saving and to prove to myself that I can do something like that.

Coaching. I will finish my coaching classes and become certified.  I have scheduled my classes for 4 days a week to get moving in the right direction.  I hope to have them completed and be certified by the middle of the year.

Self Care.  As with my diet and fitness, there have been a couple things in my self care routine that I have let slip, like consistently reading my bible, my dates with myself and my Epsom salt and lavender soaks.  These are getting added back into the routine to make sure I’m getting all care and attention that I need to give myself.

Keep Goals in Sight.

When setting my goals I try to write them down, or in this case type them up and make them pretty.  I tape them to my glass shower wall so that I can see them every day as I get ready for the day in the morning, and ready for bed at night.  I have noticed that if I can’t see them or look at them every day, they don’t happen.

2019-01-01 12.45.52

Attached to my outer shower wall  In the first column, I have my daily schedule and self care routine.  And Lastly I have my workout challenge star chart ( like we had in school)

In the middle column, I have my goals for the year on the page with the blue stripes.  You can’t see it but underneath this year’s goal list is my 1-5-10 year goal list.  Above that are my goals for January complete with reward list.

In the last column, I have my My Word for the Year  at the top on the Pink Index card.  I have my blog schedule with the purple flower border.  Then My accountability chart, (it’s like a habit tracker)  I have on the Yellow index card my 5 Affirmations for January  On the purple card is the date for my anticipated vacation.

I have thought about making the accountability chart and the workout challenge chart available to you.  Let me know if you would be interested in something like that below in the comments section.

I find that doing this really keeps me focused and keeps my momentum going.  This is the bast way I have found to keep myself accountable to crush my goals.  What are some things you do to help you crush yours?

Until next time,

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  1. I would love to have some collabs this year too in terms of my blog and go self hosted by the time my blog turns one in the summer. My 2019 goals is my latest post – it is so useful to write them down and share them isn’t it? It makes you feel like you can kick butt and get them done in no time ♥

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