Women Are Amazing! Happy International Women’s Day!

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March 8, 2019

To all the ladies out there, Happy International Woman’s Day!  Today is the day we celebrate being all there is to being a woman.

I must admit that I only learned about Woman’s Day six years ago when I was visiting in China.  I had accompanied my husband on a business trip.  When we arrived at the office where he was to work, all the woman were out.  Only the men were there working.

All the women in the office went to a fancy lunch, got massages and went shopping where many of the stores were giving out free products for the day.  There was a line around the block for the Sephora Store.

Speaking to other Americans in the office, I was told that the Chinese are strong in their traditions and holidays celebrating life.  So initially I believed that this holiday was only celebrated in China.  Later I learned I was wrong, and I was glad!

That evening I got to experience my first ever Women’s Day activities when we went out with friends.  All of Shanghai was a buzz.  We decided on a restaurant and to sit outside since it was nice weather that evening.  The women at the table were given complimentary  chocolates and roses.  After much fun and much food I decided that my first Women’s Day was wonderful!

Women have shaped our worlds from the beginning of time.  Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Wives, Friends, and Colleagues.  A woman doesn’t have to have birthed you to have affected your upbringing.

Women are strong yet soft.  Women are firm yet compassionate.  Women are driven yet patient.  Women are creative yet analytical.  Women are wise yet can cut loose.  Women are so many things and so adaptive.

Today we celebrate Women, All Women!  Celebrate the women in your life today.  If you are a woman reading this, I appreciate you!  Make time for yourself today.  Pamper and treat yourself like you are something special, because you are.

It is so nice to have our own day.  Please remember Everyday that you are special and you are loved.  I can do anything you set your mind to doing.  But also remember to allow yourself those quiet times to renew.  Don’t forget to love you, everyday.

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