How to Crush It in the New Year!

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January 1, 2022

We are walking into a new year, a fresh chapter in our book of life.  Are you ready for the new opportunities to start rolling in to change your life?  I for one am ready for another trip around the sun.  A new chance to become our best selves.

The whole world had entirely changed in 2020.  Then in 2021 we have been fully thrust into some hybrid game of Red light Green light.  The world is never going back to the way it was before 2020.  We have been enlightened and need to adapt to this new time in history.

How do we do that?  

Create Routines

Having a daily morning and evening routine starts and ends our day with a routine of stability.  I am a huge advocate for morning and evening routines and have written several posts to help you establish and maintain self care routines.  I will link some of these posts below. 

The morning routine includes the things we want to do to start our day.  For instance waking up at the same time each day, spending some time with your coffee and journal/ planner, bible time, getting in a workout, get a shower, and get ready to crush your daily goals.

The evening routine includes the things we want to do to unwind from our day.  This routine can include things like taking a bath, meditating, reading, journaling, having a cup of tea, or whatever self care you prefer that helps you relax.  As with the morning routine and waking up at the same time daily, go to bed at the same time. 

Giving yourself enough time to perform your evening and morning routines will help you get to your day and bed on time.  Don’t worry if in the beginning you go over or under time, keep adjusting until you have the perfect time spacing and routine for you.  Getting up and going to bed at the same time helps your body set it’s circadian rhythm.  Soon your body will tell you when to go to bed and when to get up.   

Create Goals

What do you want to accomplish this year?  I’m not huge on making “Resolution” because after the first few weeks into the new year they are given up on.  I have the mentality that resolutions are short term goals.  When I am not seeing immediate results I don’t want to apply any more effort to accomplishing them.  We need to make long haul goals the having a morning and evening routine helps to build our discipline to accomplish.  To accomplish our goals we must work on them daily.  

Create a Plan

After you have decided what your goals are, we need to break it down into manageable pieces.  Determine what things you need to do to accomplish the bigger goal.   Remember this is a larger goal with smaller goals attached to it. 

For instance this year I want to grow and preserve a lot of food for my family, I then need to figure out what I need to do in order to accomplish this goal.  I will need to decide on:
When to start the garden
How many plantings
What produce to grow
Do I have enough open space
What location placement would be optimal
Do I have the seeds
Buy the seeds I need
Which seedlings need to be purchased
When to start the seeds
When to get the seedings ready to transplant
How long from transplant to harvest
How will I preserve this harvest

Then there are ongoing parts:
Add raised beds as I am able.
Add canning jars and equipment as I am able.  
Add food staples as I am able. 
As I harvest the food, preserve it.

After creating the plan, there will be times during the implementing process where things change.  There will always need to be adjustments to the plan, nothing is set in stone.  Be flexible and think ahead to what possible outcomes could happen so that if they happen we can adapt accordingly to accomplish the goal.   

Maybe my cucumber plants die,  Do I have enough time in the season to replant? If yes, we replant.  Is there a farmer’s market where I can purchase a case or two of pickling cucumbers to make the pickles I want in my pantry.  Can I do without them?  Can I buy pickles locally?  There are always decisions and adjustments to be made.  


Finally celebrate your progress not just your accomplishments.  Rewarding yourself and celebrating the small goals keeps you motived and makes the bigger goals more attainable.  It is the journey that changes us and builds our character, not just accomplishing the large goal.  In the end you will have the knowledge, confidence, discipline, and the skills to accomplish your next long term goal.  

What goals do you have for this year?  How do you plan to reach them?

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