Five Reasons Self-care is Important.

Self care is very important for many reasons but I am going to only list five that I feel are the most important.  Self care is put very simply the act of caring for yourself just like you would care for anyone else that you love.  This can be anything from getting a massage to going to the gym to paying your bills on time.  Not all self care habits are ideal for everyone, what may work for your friend may not work for you.  Please check out our post Love Yourself (batteries not required) to learn more about what will work for you.  When you get back we will be here, let’s get to it.

Self Care builds Intimacy.

Easy there, I know what you’re thinking.  She has lost her mind!  Nope, I haven’t (well, not yet anyway).  Let me just clear this up right now.  Intimacy is not sex!  Heck, intimacy isn’t even closeness or enmeshment, as society would have you believe.  I know that’s shocking, right?  Here is the real deal…Intimacy is trust.  Let me say that again…trust.  No way, no how, can you have a healthy relationship with anyone or yourself without it.  Building trust is crucial to any relationship.

Self Care builds Self Respect.

When we love ourselves our morals and values change.  What unhealthy behaviors that were once common practice for you before will soon not be as enticing as they once were.  Having self respect grounds and matures a person.  We will have higher standards, and healthier expectations of ourselves.  It makes you reflect on what is really important to you and your core being. Also having self respect shows outwardly in the way of giving respect to others.

Self Care forms Boundaries.

This goes along with self respect.  Boundaries are how we allow others to treat us and show us the respect we know we deserve.  Knowing what we will and will not tolerate from others is very important.  We will start to see those glaring red flags flapping in the breeze, here I am!   We will also be able to easily identify and walk away from toxic relationships.  We will also be able to honor the boundaries of others.

Self Care builds Confidence.

Loving ourselves pushes out fear.  Love trumps fear always.  Love is truth and fear is a liar.  The more we love ourselves and trust our abilities, the more we stand up to our insecurities.  We will be brave enough to do things that once scared us to death.  Many of us do pretty courageous things for love, and when we love ourselves we do those things for ourselves.

Self Care feeds the Soul.

Loving ourselves fills us up.  Our loving relationship with ourselves fills the void that we look to others to fill for us.  Our love turned inward helps to not be lonely, helps us to be complete and not seek something or someone to complete us.  This is the place from where our cup overflows with love for others.  Feeding our Souls takes us from a place of victim-hood to a place of overcoming all obstacles in our path.

In the end all of these things feed into the next hand in hand.  Self care is so very important to your well being and the development of your being.  It is nothing to feel guilty or selfish about.  All living things need love, and loving ourselves makes us healthy.  Loving yourself is Biblical the second commandment says to Love your neighbor as yourself.  You cannot love anyone more than you love yourself.  If you love yourself a little, a little is what you give.  Even God knew that you needed to fill your own cup first before you can pour into others.  You are important and worth the time and care.  Love yourself you’re wonderful.



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