What, is the question.

Have you ever noticed when something happens that the first question we ask is, WHY?  “Why am I so upset?”  “Why did they do that?”  “Why did this happen?”  “Why can’t I get out of this rut?”  “Why can’t I do that better?”  Most times the answer to Why is something that sucks us into the why cycle.  Like, “Why am I so upset?” You may find the answer to one question, but then have one or two more that branch out into an entire tree and soon a forest.  We will become trapped beneath the canopy where we cannot find the sun as we further analyze the branches of why.

I know for me, I could get stuck in that place of ‘why” I could easily build a tree house and take up residence there to analyze my entire life.   But why?  I know that if I continue to be stuck in “why”  I will lose the rest of my one short life to it.

Before we get too wrapped up in the why cycle, we need to change the focus of our questioning.  Why keeps us looking back, it keeps us in the past, keeps us a victim.  Changing our focus from why to the forward thinking of what, we change the process, and can break the cycle and the chains that bind us to our past.   I’m not saying all  whys are stifling, but limit your questions of why to one or two.  Then move on to the uplifting whats.  “What can I do differently?”  “What can I learn from this?”  “What will make me feel loved?”  “What can I do to get past this?”

Did you feel the energy shift just then from victim to survivor?  Shifting the energy from a low perspective to a higher perspective will not only help us to be more aware of ourselves, but also to have a goal oriented, positive, can- do outlook.  It changes our thinking from trying to completely understand the incomprehensible, to accepting what is and making a plan to move forward.   Most often those things you ask why about are the very things we should be asking…  What can I learn from this experience?  What can I do differently?

Try it and let us know this changed your perspective.  Break out from the tree canopy and feel the sun. Let go of why.

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