You Need These 10 Habits to Have a Successful Life!

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I don’t know if you all know this, but I am a HUGE Jordan Peterson fan.  While working I will listen to YouTube videos for hours on end until my brian has reached the daily threshold of informational input.

This particular video that I have linked below, has hit on everything and more of what I try to express to all of you.  I have listed below the habits and Dr. Peterson highlights in the video.  I think that you will find that these habits work hand in hand, and as life are circular in nature.

Bedtime – Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday!  Setting your sleep rhythm is important to your mental wellbeing.   Your brain will thank you for it.  I think your body will also thank you for it.   Having a bedtime routine will help ease you into this.  A bedtime routine helps your brain know that it is time to go to sleep.  I have written a few posts about this.  Nightly Routines

Negotiate – Negotiate a schedule and figure out how to communicate what you need.   Negotiate your time, you attention, your needs, and your wants into your life.  Negotiate with yourself on what you will accomplish in the day, what you want as a reward, and how to go about it.  Have a meeting with yourself.

Honesty – Tell the truth no matter what.  Not be callus and mean, but firmly honest.  Little white lies and not the truth.  You can be tactful and honest.  If you cannot trust yourself even, how can you even trust others in your life.

Listen – If we all listened to each other not talk over each other, or be rude to each other, especially in relationships, we will always know what the other wants or needs.  actively listening.

Schedule – make a schedule and stick to it.  It’s not a prison.  Set up your schedule to have the day YOU want.  Schedule yourself to have a comprehensive responsibility and reward ratio.  There are many ways to schedule your time and things you need to get done and the rewards you plan to receive.  The most popular way to schedule your time is block scheduling.

“You CANNOT be mentally healthy without a routine” Jordan Peterson

Time – Use your time wisely.  Ask yourself “would I have paid $50 for that hour?  What would you improve about it in the future?  Negotiate with yourself over what you want to get done in the day.

Clean – Clean your room, apartment, house.  “If you want to change the world, you should start with yourself and work outward.”  You can change your personal world and should before trying to change the world around you.  How would anyone else take you seriously if you can’t even keep your room clean.  I really like how Dr. Peterson describes this in the biblical way of   “don’t worry about the speck in your neighbor’s eye,  when you have a log in your eye.”

Workout – Use some of your time each day to get in some exercise.  Exercise will protect your cardiovascular system, your flexibility, and will protect your mind.

Eat Healthy – Take on a diet that includes lots of fresh veggies and protein.  I would even go so far as to say eliminate refined sugar and highly processed grains and foods.

Write – Writing is powerful, your pen is your sword.  Write in a journal, get your thoughts out onto paper.  Writing enables thinking.  Keep a Journal!  I have said many times that writing out your thoughts really helps with your self awareness.  You are able to get out into the world what you want, what you feel, and your revolutionary or not so revolutionary ideas.

How do we form these habits?  One day at a time.  Start with a couple of these habits and build up from there.  How about start with being honest, with yourself and with others.  Then maybe write, write down what you want, what you need.  Let the words flow out of your hands onto paper  so you can negotiate your time and your schedule of responsibilities and rewards to figure out the rest of the habits.  Some you might walk into with the mentality of responsibility and walk out of having reaped a huge reward.  Really you could start with

I have presented to you a video with shared ideas by another who is more intelligent and more educated than myself.  I hope you are able to take from this ideas to form the habits that will help you have a life you find to be fulfilling and successful.

Which of these habits do you already have?  And which of these habits would you like to add?

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