New World! New You!

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We are walking into a new year, a fresh chapter in our book of life.  Are you ready for new opportunities for your life?  I for one am ready for another trip around the sun.  A new chance to become our best selves.

The whole world has entirely changed in 2020 and we are now stepping into a new year with a little sadness, some fear, optimism, and hope for something different.  Many times over in the last year I had heard people say “I can’t wait for things to get back to normal.”  after complaining about situations in their lives that were problematic.  Did you really enjoy what you called normal in your life before everything was turned on it’s head?

The only thing constant in this life is change.  We need to adapt and find a new groove.  You may be able to have some kind of natural normalcy in your life right now.  I encourage creating routines and habits that will bring some normality back to your life.

We may not be able to change what is going on in the world, but we can change what we do in our own personal world and how we think.  We can be the change we want to see.

Over the last year I know routines have become a bit relaxed and maybe the start of depression has set in leading into the winter months.   Now is the perfect time to set some great goals for this year.  Then we can get into or get back into a routine to achieve these goals.

Not only will this give us something to work toward, but also help us to form healthy habits and self discipline that will lead to success.

Many famous life coaches say to make a goal, then make your plan to accomplish this goal.  But most importantly, work on it a little bit everyday.  Take 20 or 30 minutes everyday to invest yourself into your goal.

For example:

I want to accomplish the goal of becoming healthier this year.  First, I choose a way to eat that would help me achieve my goal.  I would make a meal plan and buy groceries.  After a while of making menus I can reuse them without much effort.  I would mark the recipes that we thoroughly enjoyed to put into the rotation.  This would make it easier to create menus in the future and to stay on plan.  Trying new recipes weekly keeps things interesting and fresh. If there are certain things that derail your eating healthy efforts like sweets or crunchy salty snacks, find healthy alternatives or recipes that follow the guidelines of your chosen eating plan.

Then I would choose or create an exercise routine.  I like to start off walking a short distance and then increase it as I am able.  On rainy days I have walking and cardio videos I can utilize.  Remember to start small and add.  Not being able to move the next day is a good way to detour workout land.  I do a lot of yard work and gardening on a big scale, so the walking and cardio really help to work all the aches out.

I would also add in a de-stress or restore regimen to my routine of yoga, meditation, Epsom salt baths, journaling, hobbies, and leisure reading.  Things that would promote self awareness and relaxation.

Making any of these things habits or routine require consistent application.   Everyday time needs to be set aside for meal prep, but also eating meals (this is where I have the problem).  Time marked out for a walk or video.  Then time put forth to relax and restore.

There are many ways you can accomplish these things.  Some people are naturally able to just add something into their routine and not look back.  Most of us though require notes posted all over the house, alarms set on our phones, things scheduled in our planners, and an accountability partner.  I happen to be the latter.  I need the push to be consistent in my actions to accomplish my goals.

What I have found to work for me are physical meal plan menus for meal planning.  I feel if you are not planning ahead, you planning to fail.  I also use the alarm settings in my phone.  Yes sometimes they are annoying, but they work.  Another thing I use is an accountability chart.  Remember those star charts when you were a kid?  It’s the same concept but with grown up rewards.

Finally celebrate your progress not just your accomplishment.  Rewarding yourself and celebrating the small goals make the bigger goals more attainable.

What goals do you have for this year?  How do you plan to reach them?

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New Year! New You!


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