30 Days of Gratitude – Trees

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Welcome to day 22 of the 30 Days of Gratitude!

Today we are going to talk about trees.  I know this may sound silly to some people but I am very thankful for trees.

Trees bring oxygen first and foremost.  We cannot survive without oxygen and I think we really do take trees for granted.  They clean our air and provide us with vital oxygen so we can then survive.  We as humans should protect our trees because trees give us life, in more ways than one.

Trees at this point of the year, In the Autumn they are shedding their leaves in a glorious burst of color ranging from yellow to deep purple.  I become awestruck when I see my Sunset Maple tree fully engulfed in it’s fall color of red, orange, and yellow.  True to its name each year it looks like a fiery sunset.

In the Spring time my trees produce beautiful blooms.  The fruit trees, the Dogwood, the Redbud, the Ornamental Cherry, the Ornamental Pears.  Coming out of Winter we are surprised with this renewed wave of color.

As Summer sets in the full trees shelter us from the hot sun in their cool shade.  Some trees later on give us delicious fruit or nuts to eat that further sustain human and animal life.

Trees really are a great source of sustenance and enjoyment.  I am thankful daily for the trees in my life.

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