Do You Have a Back-to-School Routine?

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It’s that time again.  Back to school for all the kids and some adults.  It could be Preschool, High school, or Grad School, our routine is going to change quick.

At my house there are big changes happening and my little one is trying to get used to the school routine again and some new things too.  Like this year we are working on sleeping in his own bed, so far so good.

The school year brings so many new experiences.  It is good to have the comfort of a normal routine.  Routines become habits and good habits help us to be productive and feel secure in our lives so that we can focus on other important things.  For my little one it’s swatting flies with a Nerf sword.

A routine is a series of habits that form a ritual that is performed repeatedly at the same time each day, week, month, or year.

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Your Back to school morning routine should consist of good habits to start your day.  Include a good breakfast, teeth brushing, some personal growth, and you’re ready for the day.  Since my little one is only in kindergarten our morning routine looks like this:

Wake up at 6 am
1 episode of Adventure Time (I have grown kids too)
Pack lunch
Veggie Tale’s Devotional
Brush Teeth
Put on Shoes
Leave for school

With this routine my little one knows what it is expected of him when.  Our morning routine is pretty solid as of now 3 weeks into the school year.  I don’t see needing to change it unless he has to start taking the school bus to school.  If that happens we will probably shift the entire routine 30-45 minutes earlier.

do you have a back-to-school routine

Now solidifying our nightly routine has been more difficult as my little one has a fear of going to sleep, So we really have to work at it.  This is what our routine looks like:

After dinner we do chores
Get Ready for bed
Snuggle and read a Story
Get tucked into bed
Lights out

We do all these things and but usually there is some bed jumping and story telling.  I’m thinking I need to include these things with a limit so then they are allowed yet won’t overwhelm our time so we can have lights out at 8 pm.

As you can see our routines are pretty normal.  Children especially need routines so they feel secure and safe.  Even if the rest of their day is completely unstructured, this little bit of structure at the beginning and end of the day ground them.

I think as adults we also need this structure for the same reason children do.   The ritual of the routine lets our brain and body know what time of day it is and we either gear up or wind down.

What does your routine look like?

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    • Thank you! My best tip for the fall is to use a planner or calendar app on your phone. Keep all your classes and assignments with due dates in there and set reminders or alarms for appropriate amounts of time to always get there or get done on time.


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