5 Ways to Tell if You Are Living For Your Next Vacation!

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Vacations are so much fun.  Who doesn’t enjoy going to a place where the home rules don’t apply?  No dishes, no cooking, and barely picking up after yourself.  What’s not to love?  Did I mention no Dishes?

I saw an article recently stating that Americans have a problem with vacations.  We love escaping the grind to indulge in the things we don’t usually do in our everyday lives.

I have noticed this not really new trend of working at a job you tolerate but it pays the bills.  Then booking vacations to have something to look forward to, as if that is the only thing getting you through until the date you walk out of work with a bounce to start your vacation.

When we come back to work we are worn out from our vacation and think about planning the next one to look forward to.  The cycle goes on and on and on.    Check out these five ways to tell you are living for next vacation.


You fill up your calendar with vacations for years at a time.

Are you going to Argentina in May and Yellowstone National Park in July 2021?  Then to The Grand Canyon in April and Japan in September of 2022?  How about Iceland in June and Jamaica for Christmas of 2023?  You are just itching to get away.  How many is too many times a year to get away?   I would do this, just because I want to go to these places.



You feel as though the time between vacations takes FOREVER to pass!

You know how it feels when you are waiting for a school break to happen? It’s only four weeks until Christmas Break!  Then those four weeks drag on and on.  Hurry up and get here already!  I can totally relate to this.  My sister and I scheduled a vacation to the Yucatan 5 months out.  That was the longest 5 months of my life!


woman sitting while reading a book
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You spend a lot of time at work day-dreaming about planning vacations.

Do you day-dream about all the things you will do once you get to your vacation spot?  All the snorkeling, sun bathing, sites, shopping, and adventures.  Oh my I am guilty of this as well.   I like having an idea of what there is to offer once I get to my vacation destination.  Being a planner – list maker, I had a whole folder full of things before we go on vacation that we can check out.

2018-08-31 22.51.18

You dread going back to work when your vacation is over.

I only dreaded the physical act of getting up to go back to work, with my incredibly painful sunburn and my jet lag.  Other wise it was completely alright.  Most of the morning was spent talking about the things I did and the adventures we went on.  It was fun to relive the exciting parts of the vacation with my friends at work.


2015-06-29 16.57.35-1

You Can’t wait until the next vacation.

If you are like me, you can’t wait to go back to the same place where you just vacationed.  Most people are excited to go the next city or country.  I mean wouldn’t you?  Especially if you have a string of vacations lined up that you had a hand in choosing.   Where are you going next?  I bet it’s an exciting place rich in culture and history.



If I really think about it, planning out years of vacations really seems like a great idea, as you have ample time to prepare for the trips.  Waiting on the next vacation or anything you find enjoyable seems excruciatingly long, but the reward will soon be near.  Day-dreaming about the trip will absolutely help with the details, you may find some great excursions to experience.  Any place that has underwater scooters … Do it!  You can thank me later.

After a vacation who really wants to go back to reality?  If it is a really nice vacation I would rather set up shop in vacation land permanently.  But back to reality we must go…until the next vacation.  Hopefully, you have a job that is challenging, rewarding, and fun.  If not, maybe that’s something that should change before the next vacation…

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  1. I knew before even reading this post that this is 1000% me. Any time I have off of work – I never want to go back. I know I’m in the wrong industry at the minute but I am hustling as much as I can to become a digital nomad and hit the road a lot more! x


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