There’s Still Time to Accomplish Your 2022 Goals!

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June 15, 2022

Here we are halfway through 2022.  Remember those goals you had made back in January?  The ones you had started and worked on for a few weeks and then kind of petered out.  They are still waiting for you.

Do you know where you went off track?  No shame, just to have that idea of what derailed you and what to avoid in the future.  Do you know where you went off track?

If you haven’t already pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and climbed back up on top of your plans and pushed ahead, there is still time this year to OWN IT!  Working 1-5% each day toward your goals will progress you forward in baby steps.  Before you know it, your goals will be accomplished.

There are a few things you can do to shift time to allow yourself more time to work on your goals:

Wake up 1 hour earlier each day.  I find it easier to get up an hour before the others get up to have that quiet time to work on my projects.  The morning also seems to be my most productive time of day.  I feel that I have accomplished a lot more in my day with this added hour of productive time.

Skip that last episode.  We all binge watch something from time to time, Kitchen Nightmares, Law & Order, The Justin Rhodes Show, oh wait that’s probably just me..   But giving yourself a limit on how many shows/videos you can watch will free up some of your time to work on your action plan.  Try to read a little at night instead of watching television.  Reading has been known to relax the mind so you can fall asleep easier.

Use Music.  In the tough spots use music to motivate you to get it done.  I listen to Classical music, beach wave sounds, or even binaural beats, while I do any of my focused mental tasks like writing and creating graphics.  While doing physical tasks I’ll reach for music with lyrics and a good beat.

Convenient Appliances.  When I have a lot to do in a day I’ll dump something nourishing and delicious in my crockpot Or use my instant pot.  I cannot tell you how many times these appliances have saved me tons of time and saved dinner.

Meal Plan.  I like to plan meals for the week and have been known to plan them for the entire month.  I sometimes get carried away with this and even plan out all three meals and snacks.  You don’t have to go that far. Try planning out dinner for a week and see how that works for you.

There are so many ways we can try to shift time to work our action plan to obtain our goals.  Do you work best in the early morning or late at night?  Could you change your limit on your shows to one less each night?  Maybe throw those earbuds in instead to get your energy flowing.  Knowing I have dinner planned out for the week and something homemade in the crockpot helps me to not worry about cooking dinner for myself and the kids.

What have you found to help shift your time from somewhere else to building your dreams and working at your future selfcare?

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