10 Hobbies to Try This Summer!

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July 23, 2021

Hobbies are great self care.  Trying new hobbies as the seasons allow build our repertoire of things we have tried and possibly love to do.   Trying new hobbies can be fun and even life changing.  The ones you find that are enjoyable can be added to your self care routine.

Do you love being outside when it’s summer?  I know that I do.  Summer is one of my favorite seasons to get outside and try new things.  Soaking up that vitamin D is fantastic for our mental health and immune system.  We are going to start off with hobbies that you can do outside.

Whether it is in the woods, on a dirt path, or on a paved path, hiking gets us out into nature.  We can breathe in the pure Oxygen released from the trees and plant life around us while feeding our Carbon Dioxide to them.  Being in nature is emotionally grounding and feeds our souls.  We can either think things through on a hike or just be in the moment.  The physical exertion gets our heart rates pumping and ultimately relieves a lot of stress.

You can fish ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Most of which you will need a license for.  I have gone fishing with my bunch in many places.  It can be super relaxing or intense, but it has always been fun.  The reward is the catch and the quality time you had spent either with friends or with yourself.  I can tell you that the best fish I have ever eaten was just caught, especially the barracuda we caught in the Caribbean.

Can I just say: I love snorkeling!  If you have ever wanted to visit another world inside our world, this is the hobby for you.  There are so many elements to snorkeling.  Watching the underwater wild life is fascinating.   The water itself quite literally shuts out the outside world.  Snorkeling is meditative in the way that the only sound you really hear is the sound of the waves and your own breathing.  Because of all these things, snorkeling is a great hobby to center your psyche.

I have always thought surfing was the skateboarding of the ocean.  If you are a surfer and skater, please let me know in the comments if this is a good comparison.  Surfing is definitely a workout for your body and your mind.  For the body,, it helps with balance, flexibility, and gives a great cardio workout.  Mentally, it teaches patience, how to be in the moment, planning, and how to get out of your comfort zone.

I have always thought Kayaking was relaxing.  I have never gone on a river with an intense current.  We do what we call in the South, floating.  Floating is when you just let the current carry you down stream and paddle when you hit rough or low spots.  In lakes or in faster currents kayaking would definitely give you a great arm and back workout.  In the slower current or lake, it is easy to relax.  Some people even fish while floating down the river.

Paddle boarding
I have not tried this, yet.  But it is on my list of hobbies to try.  I have seen videos of people trying it for the first time and others who are nearly professionals at it.   Paddling around on a board that resembles a long board (a long surf board) looks tricky.  From what I have seen in videos is that once you stabilize your balance and center of gravity, it appears to be easy.  I will definitely update you after I try it.

I must say I am a leisurely cyclist.  I ride a beach cruiser with a basket and bottle holder on the front with no gears to shift.   Joining a cycling group could be a fun way to get a great workout and make new friends.  Although I have a leisurely approach, riding my bike is fun.  To feel the wind on my face and no constraints of being inside a box.  It is so freeing.

This is absolutely a hobby you can do while doing other hobbies.  Taking photos of nature, urban landscapes, or people.  Have you ever seen something so beautiful or unique that you wished you could take a picture at that moment to share it with the world?  I know I have.

It’s no secret that I am an avid gardener.  Gardening during the summer months is a great way to not only be a part of the creation part of nature, but also  having a hand in feeding others and yourself.  Gardening is also a great workout, meditative, and rewarding.  Maybe you can grow the largest pumpkin or watermelon.

This could be an indoor or outdoor hobby.  I think that depends on your preference or how warm it is.  I have know many people who have taken up painting, and they are all fairly good at it.  In fact a couple of my kids have.  One of them paints landscapes on canvas, while the other paints Warhammer models.  Painting is a relaxing hobby for them and sometimes makes them some extra money.

Trying new hobbies, especially ones that are limited by the season of the year is great for your self care.  Carrying them into other months of the year when you can is also great.  The idea is to try new things.  Keep doing the hobbies you like, and the ones you don’t like, well, maybe try them again next year.  I hope you start adding more fun into your self care through hobbies.

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  1. Hobbies have saved my sanity more than once! It’s always great to have something creative to do, even if I’m not an expert. I feel like the doing is more important than the end product.

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