How to Beat the Winter Blues!

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I am no therapist.  But I had gone to one for a while.  When the days became shorter and shorter, he would ask if I have a Winter Blues regimen in place.  We then came up with one that has helped with the shorter cold days.

In a previous year I had made a winter routine post, which I’ll link below, that covers many of these things.  I also include in that post keeping hydrated and using a moisturizer.  Winter is a dry time of year even in the Southern United States where we see more humidity throughout the rest of the year.

During the winter months the days are the shortest of the entire year.  In some areas it is dreary and cold for weeks on end.  We don’t receive as much vitamin D from the sun during this time of the year.  Vitamin D is also important to keep your immune system functioning properly.  These are things that you do to uplift your mood and or get doses of Vitamin D.

Exercise routine

Have an exercise routine in place where you are getting a good workout 3-4 times a week. Having an exercise routine that takes you outdoors into the sunshine like jogging, walking, or biking would be good for you double fold.  Possibly partaking in some yoga, Pilates, or a video workout in a sunny area in the house would also be doubly beneficial.   If you cannot take in the sun while getting in your exercise just getting your blood moving and releasing those happy endorphins helps to keep your mood uplifted.  Dr. Jordan Peterson says that keeping your body fit will help keep your mind fit.

Vitamin D Supplements

Taking a vitamin D3 supplement during the winter could help reduce the symptoms of Winter Blues.  Many of us have vitamin D deficiencies and don’t even know it.  If you feel you have a deficiency and want to get checked out, it is a simple blood test.  I know I have had a deficiency due to taking blood tests.  So I do take Vitamin D3 supplements.    I have found a D3 supplement that is once a day and very small, so it’s easy to swallow.  I’ll link them here.  Supplements can help you to add vitamins and minerals that you normally don’t receive daily value amounts in your diet.

UV lights/ Sunshine

Light therapy is something I have heard about more in recent years.  This is the process of using a UV lamp to deliver UV light and Vitamin D in those parts of the world that have significantly reduced sunlight during the winter months.   I found one that has great reviews on Amazon here.   It is said that 15-60 minutes a day of receiving this light therapy can improve your mood and help you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.  If you live in an area where there is still sunlight during the winter months, I suggest that you get outside into the sunshine for a little while everyday, it would be highly beneficial.


Making yourself a new playlist of upbeat music will definitely help your mood.   I try to make a new playlist every couple of months with music that is uplifting.  We try to have music playing a good portion of the day in my house.  Music really does set the mood in the home.  Play something magic and with a good beat.  Dance and sing.  Rejoice in the melody.  Lose yourself in the moment of the song.  I cannot tell you how freeing it is to just let go of all things holding you down and get lost in the music.  There is so much power in music.


Anytime is a good time to start a new hobby.  In the winter months when the days are short and we stay inside more often, starting a new hobby is a great way to lift your mood.  Indulging in something that intrigues and fascinates you will not only fulfill you, but you will also have something tangible to show.   These hobbies can be sports, crafts, languages, or leisure type things that bring joy to your life.  These hobbies could possibly prepare you for future endeavors.  Learning new skills you can use as a side business like soap making, cheese making, woodworking, crochet, sewing, machining, metal working, yoga, or anything else that fulfills you and adds to your skill arsenal.

To beat the Winter Blues incorporate a type of exercise into your daily routine.  Find a way to get enough vitamin D either through supplement, UV Light therapy,  going outside in the sunshine, or a combination of the three.  Music is something we can really relate to and has an emotional charge.  Making an upbeat playlist, finding a new artist, or finding a new album from an artist you already love will brighten your spirits.  Hobbies are great for learning something new, creating, and pushing yourself.  They help you express yourself in ways that fulfill you and challenge you.  Maybe one day you might even make one of your hobbies your profession…

I hope this winter treats you well.  If you have some tips that have worked for you to beat the winter blues, please share them in the comments section below.  Maybe another can benefit from your wisdom.

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