How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit!

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I think we all can agree that this year has been super crazy.   Some of us have embraced the holiday season bringing cheer and wonder at the end to this over the top year.

Others of us are just done with this year.  We want to crawl into bed and hibernate until all the craziness is over.  But in all reality we can’t, even though we probably could use the rest from this year’s disruptions.

Those of us who haven’t even gotten their tree up or anything decorated as of yet.  I know you’re just not feeling it yet.  I have been in this category for the past couple of years.  Maybe one or a few of these tips can help you get into the Christmas Spirit and finish the year with some sparkle and shine.

Christmas Music

You know it’s Christmas time when the Christmas music comes out.  Just about every artist has a Christmas album.  I have found Christmas music playlists on Music streaming platforms, I use Amazon Music Unlimited.  Whatever music platform you use right now has playlists of every genre of Christmas music.  YouTube has some great playlists as well.  Sometimes you can even find a video of a lit fireplace  and soft instrumental Christmas music.  Those are my favorite for curling up with a book or writing some Christmas time blog posts.

Christmas Lights

I remember when I was a child, my mom would have all my siblings and me get in the car.  She would drive us to a particular neighborhood.  In this neighborhood every single house had Christmas lights and yard decorations.  The display of beautiful lights and music always left us mystified and enchanted.  Even now thirty-something years later Christmas lights enthrall me and trigger those fond memories from when I was a child. 

Look for Christmas light shows.  Where I live now, there are a few families who decorate their homes and put on a huge light show complete with music broadcasted to a certain radio channel.   There are also many subdivisions that hold contests for best decorated house.  These are places where you can drive down many many streets and see so many beautifully decorated homes and yards.  Ask on your local city forum or bulletin board on Social Media.  I’m sure you will find something either near you or online. 

Christmas Movies

Watching Christmas movies has been a tradition in our house for ages.  We watch old ones like Home Alone and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Don’t forget some Elf and The Grinch.  The last three years of Netflix Christmas Movies have been amazing – Klaus, The Christmas Chronicles, and The Christmas Chronicles 2.  This last one left my 7 year old and myself in tears because it was so touching.

A couple of my favorite movies set during Christmas time but can be watched anytime of year without much teasing from your family Lethal Weapon, While You Were Sleeping, and Batman Returns.  I love the idea of snuggling in and watching a good Christmas movie and letting everything else drift away for those ninety minutes.


Even if you don’t feel like it, put up decorations.  Pull out the tree, lights, and ornaments.  There have been a few years where I really didn’t want to put up a tree or decorate.  Although I didn’t want to do it, I found myself turning on the Monster Ballads Christmas CD and going to town decorating.  In the end i enjoyed looking at the twinkling lights on the tree.  I really loved seeing my old family ornaments once again sparkle and shine as the lights hit them. 

This year I had the idea of putting up Christmas lights on the outside of my house and leaving them all year so I can enjoy them on nights I want to be outdoors and have some pretty lights.  As a surprise my eldest and youngest sons strung lights along the railing on the deck outside my bedroom.  I plan to leave them up all year long since I love them so much.  

Christmas Crafts

It is tradition in my house that each year we have a couple of craft sessions where we make some new ornaments for the Christmas tree and to give away.  We have made ornaments made from pipe cleaners, some of fuse beads, some from wooden cutouts, and even some that were just big jingle bells with pretty Christmas ribbon.  This year we had a craft session to decorate new stockings.  Make an evening of it with hot chocolate (or maybe an adult drink) and music.

Christmas Baking

When I was a child my mom would make fudge, cookies, and butter mints.  Later I would make cookies, fresh bread, muffins, and spiced cider with my own children.  For many years we made and would share our goodies with family and friends.  We would have so much fun making the goodies all the way up until Christmas.  On Christmas day the children would snack on all these goodies while they opened gifts and waited for the big Christmas dinner.

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