5 Physical Touch Self Care Techniques

If you still haven’t determined your love language(s) please see my previous post What is your primary language?

Those of us who respond to the love language of physical touch as one of their primary languages, sometimes this love language is a little daunting.  I for one sometimes need a bit of extra self discipline.   Some things come easy and some take extra effort.  Some things it is a time crunch, a money crunch, or both.  I have found some things that are low cost or free.

Exercise: I’m going to jump right in with the one that requires the most self discipline in my opinion.  Exercise is good for everyone but great for the physical touch person.  The resources available are endless.  There are gyms, classes, dvd’s, apps, YouTube videos, Pinterest info-graphs, and good old fashion walking and running.  I have even considered getting a job in a store stocking shelves so I can get paid for working out, for real, I’m not joking.   I find that I really have to make the time for exercise or I won’t do it.  That’s why I add it to my morning routine and set the time aside for it before anyone in my family wakes up.  I go, I work the muscles, feel the sunshine, and am home again before anyone misses me.  If you miss my post about routines, you can read it here, Hello Routine, my old Friend.

Massage: The people who can knead your muscles into sweet submission are all sent from heaven, I’m sure of it.  Massages are absolutely wonderful.  Sometimes they are covered on your health insurance, so you might want to check.  Many massage therapists work out of a physical therapy clinic or chiropractor’s office as well as spas and independently.  Even going for a facial, manicure or pedicure where you get a hand or foot massage can also be enjoyable.  I have even just received a STEM treatment at the chiropractor’s office and felt fantastic afterword.  Louise Hay recommends to also put your moisturizer or lotions on in a massage like manner.  I’ve started doing this, and not only does it feel great but my skin looks more hydrated for longer.

Cuddling: Who doesn’t love to cuddle up with their fur baby and and stroke their cares away.  It’s scientifically proven that petting the cat or dog relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.  But for those of us who feel loved by physical touch benefit more by this action.   If you have pet allergies there are specific pets that are hypoallergenic like the Standard poodle and the Norwegian forest cat.  Having a large stuffed animal or many fuzzy and faux fur pillows on your bed can help.  Having a fantastic mattress and bedding with an enjoyable texture is a plus.  Some have even found that a body or pregnancy pillow that wraps around you to be helpful.

Dry Brushing: This one is relatively new to me.  The method is to use a natural bristle brush (I use this one).  Before getting into the shower is the preferred time to do this, but you can also do it before bed.  On your dry skin use the the brush in clockwise strokes from your feet up your legs, then from your hands up your arms.  Then do your back and front of your torso again in clockwise motions toward and to end at your heart.  This helps with circulation, helps to drain the lymph nodes, tightens skin, and helps with the reduction of cellulite.  Taking a shower after this and applying a creamy body butter, you will feel very pampered.

Grooming: I’m going to start by saying that we all have different grooming habits.  I’m going to stay above the shoulders with this one.  When going to get your haircut, splurge a little and get a shampoo also.  This is a scalp massage for an extra couple of dollars.  Some places will also massage your shoulders.  Eyebrows, guys and gals, these bad boys are important even if you just get them trimmed.    Guys, if you are fortunate enough to be able to grow a full lush beard or not so lush, there are now more services available to you at salons and definitely at full service barbers.  I have seen where you can get the hot towel service, a trim, reshape, and the barber will massage in some fantastic beard oils.

The body is the home for our soul while we are on this planet.  We need to treat it well.  For some of us, this feeds our soul to care for our bodies as well.  I hope I’ve helped you with more ways to fill your love tank.  If you have tried other techniques that work for you, please share them with us.  Have a great day!



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