What is your primary language?

What is your primary love language?  I’m not talking about your native spoken language.  I’m talking about the language of your heart.  The language that fills you with love and acceptance.  Do you know?  Do you want to know?  Take the quiz here to find out your primary and secondary Love Languages.

Acts of Service: You feel loved when someone you love either helps you to complete a task or performs tasks that are difficult for you to do on your own.  Sometimes these are tasks like taking the car in for maintenance, or surprising you with doing your dishes or laundry.  Even just managing the house or honey do list.

Physical Touch: You feel loved when someone you love touches you in a loving manner.  High fives, hand holding, petting, hugs, cuddling, massages, sympathetic touches, grazing touches in passing, or even just touching knees while having a meal together.

Quality Time: You feel loved when someone you love spends uninterrupted and undivided time with you.  The phone is put away, the tasks are forgotten (unless it is a team task between you two), going for a walk together, cooking together, date nights, meeting for lunch, or going on trips together.

Receiving Gifts: You feel loved when someone you love makes or buys you gifts.  Birthdays, holidays, and just because days.  These gifts can be small trinkets or large and extravagant to show they appreciate you and care about you.  The gifts must be thoughtful, but can be a reminder of a great vacation, some fan merchandise for a favorite band or TV show, possibly even your dream car or home.

Words of Affirmation: You feel loved when someone you love tells you how they feel about you.  They tell you in either spoken or written word that they appreciate and cherish you.  This could be giving of compliments, encouragement, saying “I love you”, love notes, reciting reasons for love and adoration, or a little text message.

If you haven’t already done so, click on the link above and take the quiz to see what your love language is.   It’s free and pretty interesting.

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  1. Oh wow, this resonated with me. But I wonder if a specific primary language is what you really need or what you lacked as a kid and are trying to make up for now? (not sure my question made any sense :))

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  2. I think that as children we express our love languages. Sometimes our parents or caregivers don’t speak the same language and didn’t know about them to learn to speak ours. Learning about them ourselves and using them for our own self care in my opinion helps us to love and feel loved by ourselves. Yes, I believe it could make up for what we lacked as children, or even what we lacked in our relationships now as adults.


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