Take a Walk in the Park Day!

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March 30, 2023

Here is another great little self care holiday I can get behind.  Walk in the Park Day!  Walking is great exercise for the entire body.  It is lower impact on the joints.  It helps move the spinal fluid to lubricate the vertebrae.

Walking outdoors provides your body with fresh air.  This offers a change of scenery, as my mom used to say “Get out from looking at the four walls.”.  There are many choices in walking companions.  For example, your friends, your partner, your children, your dog, and I have even seen people walk their cats on a leash.


I love walking in the park.  At the park I frequently visit, there is a lovely path, many play areas for the kids, an exercise area, many covered picnic areas, a small river, and a garden.

The wildlife is abundant with squirrels, lizards, deer, fish, and children (mine included).  Many of the youth sporting groups play at this park, so you may be able to catch a game while you are there.

Perhaps maybe you want to take a walk in a National Park.

My kids and I have the best memories of going to National Parks.  There have always been great trails and many dazzling wonders for the eyes to behold.  Look for one in your area.  There are always great discounts for Military Veterans.

Any way you choose to celebrate walk in the park day today, whether is be in a local park, community park, amusement park, State Park, or National park, I hope you enjoy your time getting fresh air and seeing beautiful things.

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March 30, 2023


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