Life In The Time of Covid-19

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Hi there! I know we are having some trying times right now.  It seems as though the world has gone crazy.  With constant misinformation we don’t really know what advice to follow.  In my own country and state there are many conspiracy theories behind what is happening.  I won’t get into that though.

What I want to know with people either working way more or way less, what are you doing with your free time?  Are you still managing to get in your self care time?  Are you holding to your routines that recharge your batteries?

Are you taking time for yourself?  Are you learning a new hobby?  Or are you just barely hanging on?  Are you thriving right now?  Is the world being on pause helped you to push ahead on a new project? I want to know what head space you are in during this time.

Personally I have been trying to take this time to grow myself.  But I have also allowed the world craziness to overwhelm me at times causing me to just back up off social media from time to time.  Maybe that is where you are as well.  I want to share with you some things that have helped me so much during this time.

Find your purpose or goal for this time of social distancing.  What do you want to accomplish?  Do you want to start a business?  Maybe develop a new product or a new line of products?  Maybe write a book?  How about setting a new routine and traditions for your family?  When we come out on the other side of this, what is it that you want to accomplish.

I remember watching a sermon where the Pastor said “We create our purpose.  In different times in our lives our purpose changes and we can have more than one at a time.  These are the things that get you out of bed in the morning”    Sometimes our purpose is to just get through the week.

I know we need to keep up on current events and to connect with our loved ones on social media.  But really limit your time there!  Get on, spend a set amount of time, set a timer if you have to, and jump off to go about your day with peace in your thoughts.

While I was visiting my sister early this summer, we went to a meditation class.  During this class we were taught a grounding meditation.  Reconnecting with the planet and trading the negative for positive energy really refreshes me and probably can do the same for you too.  We don’t need to spend a lot of time in meditation, seek out ten minute guided meditations on YouTube and try out a few to find one you really enjoy.  Adding meditation to your daily routine could really benefit you and those around you.

Sometimes you have to get it out and you know it’s too cringe worthy to tell anyone.  Or maybe your thoughts are scattered and you need to dump them out on paper to get a grasp of the motion in your head.  I love journaling!  I seriously could spend hours and hours writing ferociously in my journal.  If you haven’t tried it, check out my other post on journaling – 4 Types of Journaling That Help you Grow.

This could be a brisk walk, some yoga, a hike, some cardio, a weight session, or dance video.  Whatever you choose to do, partaking in some form of physical exertion helps us to relieve stress and condition our bodies to handle stress better.  I’m not saying over do it, but getting in some exercise on a daily basis will help clear your mind, build up your immunity, and lower your cortisol levels.

This could mean so many different things to each of us, but I mean to grow as a human.  Learn something new.  Learn a new language.  Learn a new hobby.  Learn a new life skill.  Even quite literally grow your own food.  I figure if we have to spend this time distancing from others, why not spend the time bettering ourselves, whether that means dealing with our dark places or expanding  our knowledge base.

Decisions and Future Plans
As we are thrust into being home, distance education for our children, and dealing with seeing the worst and best parts of our fellow humans.  We can take time to really decide what we want to do moving forward.  I for one have made some decisions during this time that will affect my family going forward.  For instance, I have decided to move forward with planting my fall garden, and have started putting energy into more income streams.  Like reactivating my Amazon Storefront Go check it out!  I am also working on new products to add to my Shopify store.  Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the store?  Let me know in the comments below!

During this time, not only is it a good idea to evaluate where you are in life, but where you want to go.  With the higher levels of stress during this time, practicing new stress relieving techniques such as Unplugging, Meditation, Journaling, or getting in a Workout, could be extremely beneficial.  Finally let this time have been for something, a growing time where you have learned something new or just rested from the hustle and bustle of life.  Hopefully moving forward you have fantastic plans for your future and you are ready to tackle the world again!

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