30 Days of Gratitude – My Garden

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Welcome to Day 14 of my 30 Days of Gratitude.

I couldn’t tell you how many times my garden has saved my sanity.  I love my garden, it is my quiet place where I can live in the moment and not worry about what to make for dinner, or who needs what.  My garden is my meditation place and my sanctuary.

The garden is where I ground out a lot of the negative energy in my life.  Have you ever been angry long in a garden?  I haven’t!  The garden has this tranquil zen effect on me.  I relax even though I probably put in more intense labor there than anywhere else throughout the day.

All thoughts of responsibility leave me.  I lose all track of time.  While I am in my garden I am 100 percent present in the garden.  I’m all about the flowers, fruit, and vegetables that I grow.  Each day I go out to see the progress and growth happening in my special place.

The sowing of seeds in anticipation and expectation.  The springing forth of new life and the promise of a harvest to come if I nurture these little (sometimes big) plants.  Then the huge or sometimes small payoff of a harvest.  Every part of it excites me.

I love having flower boxes and other veggies growing on my patio.  I enjoy taking the old withered blooms off so new ones can grow.  I love the methodical care that I give without even thinking about it, like rubbing your pregnant belly or petting your dog.

I had better be sure provisions for dinner are made before I head out to the garden as many times I haven’t come in until it was nearly dark.  When I do come in, I’m happy with my work and ready to shower, eat, and sleep.  I’m content.  I’m satisfied to my core.

I am so grateful for my garden where I can reclaim my center.  I am grateful for the flowers, fruit, and vegetables I harvest from my garden.  I am grateful that I have a space to call my own and create along side mother nature.

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