30 Days of Gratitude – Seasons

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Welcome to Day 12 of the 30 Days of Gratitude!

I am so Grateful for the different seasons.  The Earth continues to turn and circle around the giant star we call the Sun, giving us the four stages of life on this planet.  In some areas the seasons are short while others are longer.  Sometimes it just seems that way.

Spring – Is my favorite time to start planting my garden.  The flowers and trees are budding and ready to burst open with their vibrant colors.  The days are getting warmer and slightly longer.  It’s like the outdoors are waking up from their winter sleep bright eyed and ready to go.  Some days I will take drives down back roads to see the daffodils, Red bud and Dogwood trees bringing forth their bright colors.

Just like in our personal lives Spring can also be a time of sowing and plowing.  A time of learning and new beginnings.  In our lifetime we will have many literal springs and figurative ones.

Summer – Is my favorite time to live mostly outside.  I am one of those people who is always cold unless the temperature is above 74 degrees Fahrenheit.  So summer is perfect weather for me.  You’ll find me out in the yard tending to my garden, or hiking the local hills and woods.  I love the easy going dress of capris and t-shirts.  Evenings outside enjoying friends and the stars.

In summer we tend to our crops, we work hard, and play hard.  We are making mistakes (but that’s not a bad thing) and growing as people.  We could even be flourishing and thriving more than ever before.

Fall – Is my favorite time to start really crafting those holiday treats and gifts.  School has gotten underway for the kiddos and the school activities are gearing up.  The big holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving come through to spend time with family and friends .  It gives me time to reflect on the past year and to start thinking about what I want to plan for in the coming year.

Is when we learn from our mistakes and have some retrospection.  we are harvesting from our sowing and tending.  Even if the “crop” failed we learned something from it and will try again next spring.

Winter – Is my favorite time of year to rest and strategically plan for the next season.  With more family time at Christmas and New Years then I rest up for spring as I spend a lot of my time thinking and planning new content, my gardening, my menus, and my goals for the year.  This is also the time where I binge watch Netflix and read tons of great books.

The time for rest and replenish sometimes the time of hardship.  When we need to take a break from everything.  The time to renew our minds, our bodies, and our habits.  The time to plan our future sowing that is just a short time away.

No matter the season, they each bring their own benefits to our lives.  I love them all and find enjoyment in them.  “There is a season for everything under Heaven”  is absolutely and completely true.  I am grateful for each every one of them, the calendar ones that dazzle the senses and the seasons of our lives that continually grow us as humans.

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