30 Days of Gratitude – My Fur Babies

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Welcome to Day 8 of my 30 Days of Gratitude!

Do you have fur babies?  I do.  I love them very much.  These fur babies of ours sure do steal our hearts.  I am so grateful that we get to share in their company and love.

We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.  We probably have more than I can take care of, but I cannot say no to a starving homeless baby.  Over the years I have had quite a few strays come through my home.

My Achilles, he has been the only fur baby I have ever purchased.  He is big and sweet.  He is kind of like a large toddler weighing in at over a hundred pounds.  He is a Brazilian Mastiff with a brindle coat.  He is a gorgeous boy and loves attention from who ever comes other.  He is probably the most fun to play with since we sometimes get rough and he is always ready to play.  But first he will protect his mama.

Blue is an old boy, He is a Blue Healer.  We have had Blue since he was born.  He is the last of a 5 pup litter our first dogs Rocks and Brownie had together.  He is the best navigator  to be hiking with, he stays close and watches the path or trail.  He leads me back to my group if I get separated.  He is getting old and is starting to lose his eyesight and hearing.

Kira is the last of the Garfield and Glitter line.  Both Garfield and Glitter were dumped in places and we found them.  They were sweet babies and had sweet babies.  Kira is their last grandbaby.  She is so sweet and mellow.  She even puts up with me bringing home more homeless babies.  I had gotten Kira spayed when she was still a kitten, but she has strong mama instinct.  She will clean my little one’s hair and hands.  She is such an affectionate kitty always ready for petting and cuddling.  I could not have asked for a better kitty.

Bebe, she is a crazy kitty.  When I found her dumped behind the deserted grocery store two years ago she was super skinny and needed vet care, no way did I think I would love her much.  I had always wanted a Manx (tailless) cat and Bebe is it.  Now two years later she is a fun part of our home.  She has mellowed out a lot and loves to snuggle up to watch TV.  She still has some playfulness in her and cases any and everything small around the house.  Bebe is our expert furniture climber and loves to hangout on the top of the Entertainment center.  I post a lot of pictures of her on social media.

More recently my daughter brought home a new sweet baby, Garbage.  This kitty is a couple years old at least.  She is a beautiful tortoise shell.  She was found living out of trash cans and my clever child named her accordingly.  Garbage is super affectionate and loves to be in laps getting petted and rubbed on.  She really is such a sweet girl and has no fear of people.  I will miss her when my daughter moves out.

We learn a lot from our fur babies.  We learn that unconditional love can come wrapped in fur.  We learn responsibility.  Sometimes our fur babies give us a sense of purpose.  They offer us comfort, companionship, love, affection, and sometimes really great laughs.  I’m so grateful to be a fur mama.

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