5 ways to get Killer Sleep

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Getting enough sleep is very important.  It is recommended that we get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night.  Now we all know that at certain points in our lives that this isn’t possible.  When it is possible and the sand man just doesn’t arrive soon enough try one of these tips.

Herbal Tea.  Herbal tea like these Chamomile (Celestial Seasonings) or Lavender (Zhena’s Gypsy Teas) teas are great relaxers.  As part of my nightly routine I brew a cup before settling into bed for the night.  There are many times I will have a cup of chamomile tea during a stressful day to relax a bit.

Magnesium.  Most of us are magnesium deficient.  Magnesium is an amazing mineral that helps with muscle tension, aches, constipation, stress, and even anxiety.  There are sprays, creams, and supplements. I use a powder magnesium (Natural Calm), I put a flat teaspoon in my teacup every evening

Meditation.  This is one I cannot get through without falling asleep.  I use guided meditations since I am not very good at initiating meditation on my own.  I use a few different ones on YouTube.  My favorite channels are PowerThoughtsMeditationClub and HayHouse.

A Hot Bath.  Who doesn’t relax in a hot bath.  With some Epsom salts or some lush bubble bath.  Maybe play some soft music and just lay back to let your cares for the day just melt off of your body.  Don’t fall asleep in the tub though.

Yoga.  I used to do yoga all the time.  I stopped because I would fall asleep at the end.  That’s not how I wanted to start my day, but it is a great way to end it.  I definitely recommend a gentle slower paced yoga to help stretch out your muscles and alleviate tension.

These sound all work individually to help with getting to sleep.  Maybe rolling one or two if need be into your evening routine would help to make getting a good night’s sleep routine also.  Sweet Dreams.




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