August Goals Week 1 Update

In case you missed it, I declared my August Goal to be to take care of my physical heath, you can read that post here August Goals!.  In short I decided to return to the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle strictly (check it out here).  I decided to get in a workout every day.  Lastly, but not least importantly, drinking my water.  I had decided on drinking a gallon (128 oz) per day.

I can’t tell you it has been easy.  I can’t tell you I drank all my water everyday.  Nor can I tell you that I got a work out in everyday.  But it has been nice to schedule my meals and snacks in 3 hour intervals again and avoid those hangry moments.  It has been extremely nice to try to stay hydrated as being slightly dehydrated causes me to have migraines.

Life this last week has definitely thrown me some emotional curve balls, but I stayed true to my goals.  Sometimes no matter how down in the dumps we feel, we have to trigger a distraction or mood change by doing something else, even if that emotion is so intense that it is hard to break the hold it has on us.  We have to try to care ourselves even when we don’t feel like it.


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  1. That is Great! 🙂👍🏾Well said Tamie. It most certainly can be difficult to stay on track so you’re right, maintaining good health should help us lock in on our focus while navigating through the circumstance.

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