Lessons Unlearned are Repeated

old school merry go round :) I've played on one of these. It was in a small town where relatives lived.Photo Credit A. Thornton Pinterest.

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Round and round we go, where we stop, we can possibly control.  Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why does this keep happening to ME?”  I can tell you… short and sweet. It’s because you have not learned the entire lesson that experience provides yet.  Until you do, you will go for another ride around until you come full circle.

I am no different, I am right there with you on this merry go round.  I have situations that I am going through (again) because I didn’t fully learn the lesson that was meant to be learned the first, second, or third time around.  We obviously have these painful situations to learn something and to grow.  Often in our experience of life, we are required to learn specific lessons to be able to help others in the same situation at a later time.

Many times we don’t learn a lesson fully because we get in our own way.  We look at the situation from a victim or ego (ME) stand point.  “How could this happen to me?”  “Why are they doing this to me?”  Chances are the situation isn’t even about you personally, but the lesson is something you need to know personally.  Most lessons are accompanied by pain.  When we don’t want to deal with learning from this situation we begin to exchange our pain for suffering.  Not consciously mind you, but by ignoring the problem.  When the suffering becomes overwhelming, we are then forced again to look at the situation and make a choice.  Some choose to learn the lesson, some choose to remove themselves from the situation, and some choose both.

I suggest writing in a journal.  Many times if we see our problem on paper we are able to step outside of it and see it from a different angle.  I have worked through many problems and learned many things this way.

Sometimes throwing in my earbuds and going for an upbeat praise music filled walk will help me to work things through.  If not, I usually feel better after a walk anyway.

Pray about it!  There are different ways to pray. Over the last couple years I started talking to Our Heavenly Father as if He were sitting, standing, or walking with me.  Some of the best conversations I’ve had with God have been on a walk, or driving into town.

Have you experienced a hard lesson that you ultimately learned from and were better for it?  Let us know what worked for you to break the cycle and how you overcame.

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