July Goals – 2022

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July 1, 2022

It is absolutely crucial to have goals.  Goals give us direction and something to strive for.  Many of us have goals that we don’t outwardly say or write down to make them “official”, but we have them none the less.  Some of us actively envision our goals on a daily basis to manifest them into reality.  Some of us just Dream our dreams but never take the steps to make them come true.

Have you yet sat down and outlined your goals for this month?  I try to sit down the last week of the month and write out my goals for the next one.  Many times I write out this elaborate plan on how I’ll accomplish these 30 goals but alas, each month only has four and half weeks in it.  So I decided I need to try something different.

I decided that for myself goals are more obtainable when we have 1 big goal instead of many goals.  I will have one big goal for each month.  My Big goal for this month is to Participate in the Loving Yourself Course.  If you would like to also participate in this Hay House Course here is the link to the course page.   Now there will be smaller goals that correlate with the large goal. This will help me to accomplish my master goal for this month and to set into my routine what needs to continue from there.

To Participate in the Loving Yourself course I must:

Be consistent. On a daily basis I need to log into the course page.  Then I need to watch the lesson.  Doing the homework daily will help to build the habit of doing Mirror Work and meditation on a daily basis.

Keep Building.  Do the Mirror Work daily and build onto this process of caring for myself at a deeper level.  I know that this will bring in more Shadow or Parts Work which will help with healing and growing into my future self.  That would bring other monthly goals that are self care oriented on a personal to me level.

To keep me accountable I will post every evening on Twitter and Instagram my efforts in the garden each day.  To save time, it will be in one post.  If you would like to follow me to keep updated with my Participate in the Loving Yourself Course goal please click on the links to follow along.

What is your big goal for July?

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