Book Review – Allen Carr’s Easy Way Method to Stop Smoking

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Allen Carr easy way

Do you want to quit smoking for good? Allen Carr has developed an Easy Way Method to stop smoking.  He went from smoking 5 packs a day to ZERO cigarettes!   Allen felt that his Easy Way Method was so successful, He quit after years and years of smoking several packs a day.  He opened a clinic where others could come and learn this Easy Way Method and change their lives for the better.

I had tried to quit smoking probably twenty times over the 18 years that I smoked.  It was hard, with the cravings and the mood swings.  It was torture and I always went back.  I started reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking in December of 2011.  I read it leisurely ironically on my smoke breaks while smoking.  I got heckled a lot, believe me.

On January 30, 2012 I gave up smoking forever.  This book is full of great witty deprogramming.  Included are stories and outcomes.  Allen Carr’s own inspiring story is included.

Here we are 9 years later and I am still smoke free.  I have not taken up other nicotine habits.  I feel that this book is the real answer for smokers who want to quit.  I loved how much this book helped me that I have given out my copy of this book where I used to work.  Each person that has read it to completion, has quit smoking for good.  I really could not say enough about this book.  It has quite literally changed my life for the better.

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